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Welcome to Our Word.

Gye  Nyame

Gye  Nyame


Our Word is an Offering of Indigenous Spirituality

 to You, our Divine Intelligence It is a Spiritually 

Centered Ideology, our Heritage, and a 

reawakening to the fact that we are Spiritual Beings 

having an illusion of a material existence.  Our 

Word  is a Transformative Process for our 

Self- Restoration.


 Our Word is an Offering to You, Divine Intelligence.

  It consists of  revelations and research shared freely 

for our Cultural Development, Spiritual Healing, 

and Union with You, our Greatest Potential.


Our Word is a Praise and Thanksgiving narrative

 about You, The Most High, also known as Allah,

Gye  Nyame,  Supreme Being, God, and Divine



You are also known by many other  names, and by 

no name at all.  Our "Roots" begin, grow, and end

 in You, who we know as our own Divine



You are The Eternal, Indivisible, Absolute, full of

 unlimited knowledge, and the ecstactic light of

 tranquil bliss.  This is the basic knowledge of 

Indigenous Spirituality.


Indigenous Spirituality, the Spirituality of the

 Earth, avers that You are within and beyond all,

 the Over and Underlying Unity which pervades

 and transcends all levels and diversities of 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.  


 You pervade and transcend the totality of all creation,

 maintenance, and destruction.  Our Word consists of

 submissions of Hymns and Thanksgiving to You alone.


As our consciousness and awareness returns to Its 

blissful tranquility of Being,  Divine Intelligence, we

 experience You, the Source of all personalities:  Ordinary,

 Extraordinary, and Supreme.


 You, Divine Intelligence pervade and transcend 

Ultimate Consciousness and Awareness.  It is the very

 best of our    One Indivisible Self, our Divine Nature, 

the Source of our dignity, integrity, intelligence, 

self-worth and strength.


 Our Word is a Unity Formula, an Agenda for 

Salvation, Liberation and Union with You.  It 

is an Unconditional Loving, Soul Restoring, 

 comprehensive Solution for Ascension and 

Union with You, our Divine Nature.


 Our Word is an Antidote for the systemic  and

 structural  problems we are suffering, as 

individuals and as society entrapped and 

enslaved in Maya, Your illusory  energy. 


This Supreme One, this Supreme Intelligence of 

Awareness, Silence, and Stillness is our Divine

 Nature.  It can be experienced through 

application of the Indigenous Spiritual 

practices articulated here at 



Our Word is Indigenous Spirituality.  It

 is foundational knowledge of Self, 

formulated to inspire a renaissance in the

 lives of individuals who are more or less

 materially satiated.


Self Knowledge is knowledge that one 

  must have for Self Reparation, Self 

Transformation, the greatest Self-Esteem,

 and Union with You, Divine Intelligence. 


Indigenous Spirituality is recognition of

 the fact that everything is related and living

 because It shares the same Divine Intelligence, 

Awareness, Consciousness;  Energy, Spirit, or 



 Pervading and transcending all vibration,

 frequencies, energy, all Consciousness, and

 all Awareness throughout the universe are 

You, our common, Eternal, Divine 



In order to liberate ourselves from Maya, regaining

 our integrity and dignity, it is  crucial that we reclaim

 our Indigenous Spirituality.  This is the foundation of 

our ancient culture, and the primary ingredient for

the rise of our spiritually enriched civilization.


Our culture is based on the strength of our union 

with You.  This gives us our Spirituality, our True 

History, Yoga, Meditation, and Veganism. These

 guide our politics and  economics.  All of our 

practice is centered and balanced in union with 

You for maximum moral success.  This is the

  message of Indigenous Spirituality, Our Word.

“God is equally present in all creatures; but all creatures are 

not equally aware of the fact.”

 ~ Aldous Huxley ~ 

Please pardon some of our references for 

their use of the masculine gender when 

referring to You.  Aside from that oversight, 

our sources are highly recommendable for 

the betterment of all.  

Gye  Nyame

Gye  Nyame

 We are striving for perfection.  If you see something that doesn't look right, email  [email protected] to contact us.  We review and update our content regularly to ensure its accuracy in punctuation, sentence formation, paragraph development, substance and completeness.  This is done in the light of our research, observation, experience,

 reflection, spiritual practice, and meditation.  It is, as You can see and comprehend, a work in progress.

Thank You.  


Brother E.O. Peace

Our Word

  Renewal and Ascension