Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Welcome to Our Word.



Our Word is a sharing of Indigenous Spirituality.

It is an Offering to You, given freely for the

development of Earth, the Universe and all

 Sentient Beings to their maximum potential


Our Word is a narrative about You, The Most 

High;  also known as God, Supreme Being, and

 Eternal, Omnipresent, Pure Awareness.


You are The Eternal, Indivisible, Absolute,

 within and beyond  all.  You pervade and 

transcend nature and nature's  God, Karma. 

Our Word consists of submissions of Hymns 

and Thanksgiving to You alone.


 You pervade and transcend the totality of creation, 

maintenance, and destruction throughout the 

Cosmic manifestations.  The dead, the living, and

 the unborn are united within You, who are the 

Supreme Awareness of Presence, pervading and

 transcending all, including Space.


You are the One Indivisible Source which unites

pervades and transcends all the forces of nature.  

Our Word is our very humble offering to You with

 all the Love, Devotion, and Sacred Libation we 

have at our command.


 Our Word is an unconditional loving, soul restoring 

solution to the systemic and structural problems we

 are entangled with as a society entrapped, bewildered, 

frustrated, and confused in Maya, Your illusory 



This Most Sacred Awareness is You, the Infinite One in the 

Many, and the many pervaded and transcended by this

 same Infinite One.  We can experience You as this All 

Attractive, Unifying Center, this Supreme Awareness of 

Silence and Stillness, through application of the 

Indigenous spirituality articulated here at 



Indigenous Spirituality is our greatest characteristic and 

commonality, and unity. This is our  common identity, our 

centering point, our goal, and the basis of our Moral Code:  

to treat everyone, regardless of species, with Dignity and 

Divinity; seeing and serving You in others and others in

 You throughout the Cosmic Manifestations.


Our Word is Indigenous Spirituality.  It is the foundation for 

Self transformation,  Infinite unity, and Justice.  Thus, 

adoring You, and You alone, in so-called others, we rise

 from Maya, the illusory energy, by reviving and returning

 to our original, individual and collective, Divine 

consciousness and Awareness.   


Indigenous Spirituality is recognition of the fact that 

everything is related and living because It shares the same 

Divine Awareness, Energy, Spirit, or Soul.  Pervading and 

transcending all Vibration, all  Consciousness, and all 

Awareness throughout the universe, this Infinite, Divine 

Awareness is You, our Common, Eternal Source. 


Please pardon some of  our references for their use of the 

masculine gender when  referring to You.  Aside from 

that oversight, our sources are highly recommendable.  


Our sources verify what we all would know from research,

 study, observation, experience, and reflection:  You are 

within and beyond all dualities, personalities, genders, 

castes, creeds, colors, nationalities, and universalities.


  No name, no form, no personality, race, gender nor

 species can contain, personify nor identify You.  In 

order to liberate ourselves from Maya, regaining our

 integrity and dignity, it is crucial that we reclaim our

 ancient culture, a civilization which is centered and

 balanced in union with You.  This is the conclusion of

 Indigenous  Spirituality, Our Word.


Within and beyond non- luminous and luminous, day and 

night, wrong and right, You are calmly and dispassionately 

listening and observing everything, everywhere including 

this reading of Your praise, and the experience of Silence.  

You are even observing You observing You as Awareness 

ad infinitum.  Of the great, whether small or large, You, 

and only You, are the Greatest.


 Surely You, the Most Righteous, the Ultimate, the Greatest 

Awareness, and the Best Purifier, are the Preeminent 

Association and the Best Education.  Our real Sacred 

Space  journey is the mission into our Inner Space and 

union with You, the Eternal, Infinite, Awareness of all.


Society is degraded or elevated by the quality of thoughts 

that are fed into its consciousness.  We think of You as the 

Source of the power of all thinking, feeling, willing, and 



 The cleaner our consciousness, because of 

association with You, the greater our attraction of

positive, edifying thoughts.  Consequently, the greater 

our manifestation of edifying and Divine, feeling, 

willing,  and doing.


“God is equally present in all creatures; but all creatures are 

not equally aware of the fact.”

  ~ Aldous Huxley ~ 


Thoughts of righteousness are attracted into consciousness 

purified by Your association.  Compassion, love, and charity, 

the by products of righteousness, are nourished by the 

edifying education, entertainment, and spirituality that is

 accepted and promulgated by enlightened, purified society 

that is totally honest. 


Thank You for  showing us how to  cleanse our 

consciousness and awareness to see, with equal vision, 

You.  Underlying,  pervading,  and transcending all

 species, cultures, abilities, religions, philosophies, and 

systems of materiality and spirituality, is/are You.


 The most edifying thoughts are thoughts of Your Truth, 

Your Righteousness, Your Love, and Your Peace.  Our

 Word  is about engendering edifying thoughts of the 

Omniscience, the Omnipotence, and the Omnipresence of 

You, Your Truth, Your Righteousness, Your Love and Your

    Peace.  Practicing this spirituality, we get back up to 

where we fell down from, You. 


Service to You, the Most Righteous, Supreme Spirit,

 Energy, Awareness or Soul of all, is Service to All. 




We meditate on You as Eternal Pure Awareness, more

 subtle than the subtlest energy, overflowing with 

Supreme Comprehension and Ecstatic, Vibratory Bliss.


Our Word is a sharing of Indigenous Spirituality.

It is an Offering to You, given freely for the

benefit of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, the 

Universe and all Sentient Beings. 


Our Word is a narrative about You, The Most 

High;  also known as God, Supreme Being, and

 Eternal, Omnipresent, Pure, Loving Awareness.

Gye  Nyame

Gye  Nyame