Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


   Chanting 15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

By degrees, we return to Pure Stillness, our original state of  Uncontaminated, Witness 

Awareness.  This  is the indivisible undifferentiated, Divine Supreme Absolute, beyond all

states of consciousness and awareness.  Here, we experience and unite with the Bliss and 

Infinite Tranquility of You.

All things and no thing/nothing, the Supreme Unity in all diversity, our own Divine, 

Supreme Being, is  You.  We do not have to save the world.  We do not have to wait until 

everyone else is ready.  We can think of You right now, meditate on You, and begin to live 

again in our universe of Peace.   You who pervade, and are beyond, every ray of light and 

every vibration.  You are our earliest condition of existence, and You are available here in 

this moment.


By degrees, we return to Pure Stillness, our original state of  Uncontaminated, Witness

 Awareness.  This  is the indivisible undifferentiated, Divine Supreme Absolute, beyond all 

states of consciousness and awareness.  Here, we experience and unite with the bliss 

and infinite tranquility of  You.  All things and no thing/nothing, the Supreme Unity in all 

diversity, our own Divine, Supreme Being is  You.

We do not have to save the world.  We do not have to wait until everyone else is ready.  We 

can think of You right now, meditate on You, and begin to live again in our universe 

of Peace.   You who pervade, and are beyond, every ray of light and every vibration.  

You are our earliest condition of existence, and You are available here in this moment.


Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is our original state of  Divine Stillness of Being, beyond

being and nonbeing and any other duality.  This Peace can only be experienced. 

 It permeates and is simultaneously  beyond body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.  Here

before,  during, and after the creation, maintenance and annihilation of 

the Cosmic manifestations,  this  Peace exists eternally.  This is Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Peace.  This Thou Art.

We think of  You as our Omnipresent, Omniscient, Eternal, Divine Supreme Being of 

numerous names and no name at all.  Welcome to Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  We are 

making a Positive difference in our lives by Chanting Your names, praising You, 

submitting all to You and meditating on You.

You pervade earth and heavens. We think of You as  our Redeemer, our Divine and 

Supreme Super Soul, the Incomparable Consciousness,  Chief Spirit, Unparalleled Being, 

our Peerless Awareness.  The primary business of our life is to rejoin You, consciously, 

here in this world of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

  We meditate on You as  here in the sky somewhere  and everywhere.  we meditate on You 

as living within all sentient and seemingly insentient  Beings.  We meditate on You 

as pervading and transcending all energy, all space,  and beyond ones ability to 

conceive.  We meditate on You as pervading  and transcending all.  No 

matter how big or small, throughout  the universe and beyond the beyond, ad infinitum. 

 Truly, we meditate on You as the Greatest.

In this spiritual process, we are offering a 
very ancient, yet very new, refining and 

salvation of self and others.  Gradually, we are seeing, there is  no other.  There is only You 

alone. This spiritual practice revolves around prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right 

association, and meditation, with You at the center.  This is articulated quite extensively 

throughout  Out Word.

We are, by Your Grace, constantly endeavoring to think of You and meditate on You more.  

We think of You as the One without a second,  the Source of all light, inner illumination,  

practical power, illumination, and self-cultivation.  We evermore thoughtfully manage and 

cultivate our life the more we fix our mind on You and think of You, as the Source of 

our  progress and right behavior.  

We improve ourselves and raise our nation, here, and now as we always think of You and 

meditate on You.  Our reawakening begins and continues to progress the more we engage 

in the spiritual purification practice of always thinking of You.  This is the Sadhana, the 

spiritual practice, articulated here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com. 

We think of You as the Never Fallen One and our Greatest decency, our Highest Good,  

manifesting in different degrees through all persons and personalities.  To the degree ones 

Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified, to that degree do Your Divine qualities  and 

attributes manifest in that consciousness, also called person or personality. 

 Thank You for showing us how we can constantly remember You, meditate on You, cleanse 

our consciousness and rise back to You.   Otherwise, we stagnate and move back or fall 

down into lower  consciousness and Maya, the illusory energy, again.

Birth, disease, old-age, and death have their roots in the basic problem of self-

misidentification.  In our  deep ignorance, we are identifying the self as material, sensual, 

mental, intellectual, or ego.  This is wrong, gross mis-education, and the root cause of our 

suffering.  The way out of suffering, Maya, is to get true knowledge of Self. 

 Self is Spirit, free from all designations, in quality One with the One Supreme 


The external material world is temporary and full of suffering.  It is Maya's web, more or 

less hell.  Conversely, The Spiritual World  pervades and transcends all worlds, internal 

and external.   This Spiritual World  is eternal, full of  knowledge and bliss.  It is our 

Source, our Home, our Divine Destiny.  It is the Eternal Source of the Bliss from which we 

have fallen.

This One, Our Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Everlasting, Supreme Spirit/Energy, is One.  It 

is known by the Arabs as Allah, by the East Indians as Brahman, by the Buddhists as 

Buddha Nature, by the Christians as G d, and by many other names throughout the 

universe.  This One, beyond all names, we know also as Gye Nyame.

The more we are in union with You, the more we are in union with ourselves, and each 

other. A house united within itself stands.  So, by teaching us how to save ourselves, by 

unfolding our original Love, which is You, everlastingomnipresentpeace.com passes on to 

us an ancient method of freeing ourselves from bodily identification with its slavery to the 

insatiable demands of  the senses.  This freedom is conscious reunion with You, the Source 

of all that has been, will be, and is.


Souls, who are really coming into spiritual consciousness, know that a palace, wealth, or 

good physical health does not guarantee freedom from suffering, or real Peace.   True 

Peace, is our natural state.  It is transcendental, Divine, Eternally free from any kind of 

physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual vexation, contamination, or designation.

We meditate on You as the Supreme Observer, the Source of the Best Understanding, all 

Good Fortune, Happiness, Security, and the Greatest Love. Thank You for allowing us to 

associate with You by always thinking of  You and meditating on You.  Thank You for 

helping us awaken to the true consciousness of the Self as Eternal, Infinite Spirit, beyond 

all designations. Thank You, evermore, for keeping us in Your path of  Truth, Righteous, 

Love, and Peace.

We meditate on You as our Divine Supreme Being, pervading and transcending all the 

worlds of which You and You alone are the creator, maintainer, and annihilator.  We 

meditate on You as Pure Spirit/Consciousness, the Most Righteous, the Most High, the 

Most Kind, the Most Compassionate; the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and the Most 

Beneficial for all worlds.  Above You there is no one to be praised. No one is to be praised 

other than You, the Greatest of all.

Like Love, Peace can never be made.  It is the original, natural state of  space  before 

galaxies  come into being, real Peace is always here for everyone.  This is You, the light 

that never diminishes. 

We meditate on You as Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, the Most Pure, the  One in the 

many and the One who is within and beyond the many, and is experienced as we detach 

from the material world, see the self  as spirit, and engage in the process of cleaning our 

Pineal gland.  Purification of the Pineal gland is the basis of  purification of  consciousness. 

This spiritual cultivation and development of the Pineal Gland is done by always 

thinking of  You, and meditating on You, our Supreme Being.  As our consciousness is 

purified by virtue of  Your association, our very vibration contributes to the edification, 

purification, and unification of  Sentient Beings in our universe.

 May our love and service for You be evermore steadfast, unselfish, and pure. In this way, 

may we be totally devoted to You, the Most Kind, and in so doing may we give our very 

best to Ancestors, Mother, Father, Teachers, Siblings, Children, and Descendants. 

We thank You for our Mother and Father.  Mother encouraged us, through words and 

example, to trust You, read and to help ourselves and others.  Father and his parents, 

encouraged us, again through words and example, to read, to think critically, observe, 

 pray, listen to edifying music, to others, study our History, and clean our "Heart."  Mother 

and Dad taught us that kindness, goodness, and mercy follow clean heart and right spirit.

Our children and our descendants inspire us to strive relentlessly to leave them the best 

knowledge of Self. This produces for them and their descendants the very best reality, the 

highest quality of life, the reality of Oneness with You.