Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 16

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.com is conversation with You alone, not with those who 

are yet spiritually blind, satisfied with what they  know through knowledge and 

observation and not seeking the Truth and experience of  union with You.

We are stable, concentric, and at Peace to the degree we are in remembrance of You. 

Thank You for showing us the way to eternal joy and peace. By calling out Your name and 

offering You everything, we remembering You and remain centered and stable in the midst 

of the vulgarities, and other chaotic vicissitudes of life.

A cultivated knower and experiencer of Self, though respecting all beings due to the ability 

to see and serve You in all, will never accept an inferior position,  psychological or

otherwise, to a less cultivated individual, place, or thing. Those with the greatest and best

knowledge of Self, in Truth and practice, are the most cultivated, understanding and

compassionate, under You, the Greatest of all. 

The Pineal Gland must be decalcified and the consciousness must be cleansed, cultivated, 

and developed for us, the soul, to realize its original, eternal life of absolute bliss and 

knowledge, its maximum potential. This is You.  Everything else, can be beautiful;  

however, all beauty and Eternal Perfection has its origin in You.  We meditate on You as 

the reservoir of all beauty and perfection.  In this way, we free ourselves from Maya and 

regain our heritage.

Thank You for showing us how to clean our Pineal Gland and remove the veil of ignorance 

and selfishness from our consciousness.  We are doing this by always thinking of You and 

meditating on You. Now, through direct experience, we are living evermore in our original 

state of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace, the One Quintessential Truth. Thank You evermore 

for inspiring us to seek Truth, relentlessly, and to be of ever better service to the universe 

by always improving our service to You.

We think of You as the only One who is within and beyond the supernatural and the 

superstitious and all levels of consciousness.  For all righteous guidance given by You to us, 

please accept our heartfelt homage and service. Through our offerings to You, may we 

contribute to the spiritual edification, the most beneficial spiritual cultivation of all sentient 

beings.  Verily, to us, the greatest blessing of all is remembering You,  experiencing You, 

and developing our love for You.

We know, from Sages, Saints, Prophets, Scriptures, and personal experience, that it is due

to the cleanliness of our consciousness and the decalcification of our Pineal Gland that we 

can follow Your righteous guidance and thus realize our maximum potential.  We 

meditate on You as the Power, Intelligence, and Love, above whom there is none; Nothing.

We think of  You as the Unconditional and Absolute Love.  You are always inspiring us 

to do what is right and beneficial for all.  We meditate on You as the Silence and Its 

Supreme Witness.  You are the greatest force that keeps us stable, centered, balanced and 

ever more united within our consciousness and awareness with You.  Thank You for 

showing us the crucial importance of remembering You.

Real Peace, is You.  Regardless of their status or so-called designation in the universe,

it is You and You alone, who are the Source of health, Wealth, and all other auspiciousness. 

We think of You as the breath of  life, consciousness, and everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, 

the One Real Love of  all, in all, encompassing all, and beyond all, including 


 We think of You, 
as the One, Immovable, Most Patience and Steadfast, Unchangeable 

Source of all intelligence.  Consciousness,  awareness,  power, and Eternal Vibratory Bliss, 

are all within You. You are their Source. The Last Witness of  the infinite regressive

argument about Your origin is You.  

We think of You as the Omnipresent One, the Most Efficient and Effective, at the base of 

all consciousness. Thank You for helping us to get right, inside, outside, and beyond, to the 

realm beyond relativity, back to our life of Supreme Absolute.  We meditate on You as the 

Silence and the One Supreme Witness of all.

The more we think of You our consciousness is purified of anger, lust, and greed.  As this 

happens our understanding grows, we are able to be more kind, loving and forgiving 

toward all sentient beings, and we are evermore qualified to awaken from Maya's networks

of frustrating illusions. 

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of Silence and Awareness.  This is the 

meditation practice that is being driven home throughout Our Word.  It is proving to be 

a key for awakening us out of Maya to the Ever Accessible Reality of Your Loving Presence.

As this happens we are always stronger and able to be ever freer from Your 

illusory energy, Maya.

 We think of  You as the Completely Perfect Source of all Goodness and Mercy whose Love 

Endures Forever.  Furthermore, You are the Supreme Unity and Witness of every

experience in and out of the diversity of forms and levels consciousness. 

 Thank You for directing us to always think of You, see the consciousness as energy, the self 

as Awareness, and to serve You through our work. We know, from our research, 

observation, and experience that this is what we have to do to understand the Self first.  To 

us, this is more important and rational than trying to understand the universe and 

and everything else first.

We think of You, as beyond the beyond, the Supreme Awareness 
of the comings and goings 

of Solar Systems, Silence, Space, Nothing, and Awareness ad infinitum.  We think of You as 

the Ultimate Witness of the witnessing beyond the end of time.  We think of You, as 

the Everlasting Witness of the space within which the universes are generated, maintained, 

and dissolved.

We know You as the One within and beyond all standards of measurement.   Never covered 

by clouds of denseness or ignorance, You are the Supreme Light within and beyond all

consciousness and awareness.  Thank You for accepting our modest attempts to describe 

 and praise You.

Moreover, we think of You as the Ultimate Solution to the vast and variegated 

problems.  Moreover, we think of  You as the Prime Witness, the Paramount  Awareness, 

the Changeless One, within, above, and beyond all changes.

 Through remembrance 
of You, our Greatest Ideal, offering You everything, and simply 

remembering to call out one of  Your numerounames, is enough to ward off evil, wicked 

thoughts, words, deeds, and dreams.  Chanting Your names and remembering You 

with patience and determination, can awaken us out of Maya controlled exterior and 

interior worlds.

 Our impurity of consciousness and ignorance of Self causes us to commit harmful deeds to 

others.  Because of ignorance and impurity, we are just too morally weak to ward off  

the selfish and wicked thoughts which cause evil words, and deeds.  Our bad deeds cause 

suffering to enter our life. Our good deeds cause joy to enter our life. 

Good deeds alone are not sufficient to awaken us from Maya.  We have to reenter Maya to 

reap the results of our good deeds, just like we have to come back to Maya in order to reap 

the results of our bad deeds.  However, our good deeds done as offerings to You are free 

from Karmic results.  They cause us to awaken from Maya, and reenter Your Eternal 

Kingdom, Sat Chid Ananda.