Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                               Chanting 18

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We think of You as the Source off all terrestrial and extraterrestrial worlds.  You 

have been, and are our spiritual  refuge, and strength. 

By always thinking of You we transcend and remain free from Maya.  Truly, You are 

our ever-present, Supremely Wise Friend in and beyond all times, causations, and 


We think of You as the Real Self, the pervader and transcender of body, mind, intellect, 

and ego; the Supreme Spirit, Eternal, the Source of Unlimited knowledge and Bliss; 

beyond form and formlessness, Transcendental to knower, knowledge, and known. 

Meditating on You, our own Super Soul, our very own Supreme Leader, purifies us of 

wrong concepts, such as the self is a temporary body, mind, intellect, or an ego.  As we are 

purified from wrong concepts, right concepts naturally come to the forefront.  This is our 

natural condition.

For us, You are the Greatest Benefit, the Absolute Truth with whom there is none to 

compare.  In You, our own Supreme Being, there are no dualities nor shortages. You 

permeate and reign Supreme over Everything and Nothing.

Thank You for teaching us the art and science of always thinking of You, the foundation 

of meditating on You. This scientific process is the ancient method of surviving, and 

thriving in security, freedom and peace while we accomplish our ultimate goal of union 

with You.

Within and beyond all, there is nothing which You do not comprehend.  You pervade and 

transcend Names,  Systems, Sound, Silence, Space, Nothing, and Everything. 

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of the Stillness which is suffused and at the 

same time outstrips all worlds. As far as we are aware and know, You are the Highest 

Awareness,  the Most eminent Consciousness, the Source of the Greatest Awareness of all. 

As we awaken to our original Self, which is within, encompassing, and transcendental to all 

genders, nationalities, species, et al, our consciousness is cleansed of contaminations and 

misgivings.  We return to manifesting Your qualities of goodness and mercy toward all 

being, the more we think of You.

With an ever cleaner consciousness/heart, as a consequence of always thinking of  You, we 

strive  to treat others better than we expect them to treat us.  As we do to the so-called least 

of the sentient beings among us, we do it unto You.

We think of You as the Source of our independent thought, freedom of  inquiry, and our 

centeredness. Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of devotional service to You.  

It is reviving our original Awareness and in the process is enlightening our intelligence, 

enhancing our balance and ability to think critically and independently. 

Thank You a thousand times over for advising us to follow Righteousness and to side with 

Truth, the greatest edification for all. Thank You evermore for the great gift and 

Divine Blessing of  remembering some of  Your glories and meditating on You. 

We meditate on You as the Eternally, Tranquil, Silence that exists within and beyond all. 

Thank You for helping us remember to be conscious of our 

breathing, to chant Your Holy Names, to be still without thoughts and conscious of Your 

loving presence.

Thank You for inspiring us  to seek Truth relentlessly. You infuse and surpass Your original 

primeval Word, AUM.  We think of You as the Truth, Its source, and Its Eternal Witness.

All praise and glories to You, the only One worthy of praise, adoration, worship and 

meditation upon. All of our praises are to You. 

As the monkey mind is dissolved by always thinking of You, our consciousness rises, 

expands, purifies, and clears from the worlds of delusion, Maya.  As this happens, we 

naturally love everyone and speak Truth.  We are Love and Truth. The more our 

consciousness is cleansed by always thinking of You, the more we are inclined to Love 

everyone and speak Truth. 

Gradually, by always thinking of You, our consciousness consciousness returns to its 

original pure spiritual nature of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. This is where 

we have always been, albeit unconsciously because of contamination and misidentification 

of the self with the material body, mind, intellect, and ego.

Thinking of You, concentrating on You and Meditating on You are the primary tools we are 

using for cleansing our Pineal gland.  It is purification of the Pineal gland which 

leads to cleansing of consciousness. 

We think of You as the Source of our freedom of inquiry and critical thinking.  Thinking of 

You, concentrating on You and meditating on You helps us come back to You, here, now, 

in this moment. 

In our wellness of consciousness we know we are dealing with systems created by other 

living beings.  Meditating on You fixes the mind on You and purifies it of illusory beliefs 

and other unedifying things. 

The ultimate goal of all of our endeavors is a return to conscious union with You.  We think 

of You as Pure Intelligence, the Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator of all.