Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 12

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We think of the knowledge of Self as being the highest, the 

greatest education.  Without knowledge of self first, all 

other knowledge, in the last analysis, has no foundation, no 

meaningful purpose.  

Thank You for helping us remember You.  Thus, we are 

regaining true knowledge of Self as infinite Eternal Spirit.

 This is our Divine Spiritual Legacy.  Giving meaning and 

purpose to our life, It is our All in All, the Foundation and 

Center Point of our existence.

The more we gain knowledge of You by always thinking of 

You, the greater is our knowledge of  Self.  This 

 knowledge has the transformational power to change our 

consciousness from that of brute, to that of compassionate,

empathetic living being.

  As more knowledge of self is revealed from within our 

consciousness and awareness, we move on higher, 

from compassionate, empathetic, selfless, loving, and wise 

beings, back to our Divine Nature.  We think this is the 

highest level of education that we can get to.  It is all within 

our own consciousness and awareness.

We think of You as the Source of life and light, the creator, 

maintainer, and the annihilator  of all strife.  Conscious 

reunion with You, from whom we can never truly be 

separated, is the real goal of knowledge and education, 

spirituality and edification.  It is the greatest aim, and gain, 

to be realized in this, and any other, life.

True knowledge of Self brings in its wake self control.  Self 

control is accomplished by always thinking of You.  By 

keeping the mind concentrated on You, the consciousness 

aligns with Your will, the way of Peace.  As this happens, the 

ego, intellect, mind, and the body comes back under Your 

Divine Guidance.

Thus, through fixing the mind on You, the Most Pure, our 

character is purified; we are transformed from 

unconscious, inconsiderate, devilish, brutes, to kind, loving, 

 understanding, and forgiving beings.

As the character is purified, we comprehend the nature of 

the illusory energy, how we fell into it, and how to get out of 

it.  We get out of it, the illusory energy, Maya, by fixing our 

mind on You.  The Source of all knowers and the Best Knower

of all is You.

We fix our mind on You by always thinking of You.  We do 

this by always thinking of You and becoming Your devotee.

 All that we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do as offerings to 

You.  This is the way we are reabsorbing our consciousness in 

You by always thinking of You.

Offering everything to You is devotion to You.  This is the 

way we always think of You, our character is refined, and 

our Divine Nature shines forth.

Gradually, we worship You more and we are attracted back

 to You.  Certainly, You, our Supreme Being, are always here, 

now, in this moment.

Moreover, real knowledge of self, knowledge and experience 

that we are not a body with a soul but the soul with a body. 

This self concept, along with always thinking of Youbrings 

us back into conscious union with You, our original 

Divine Nature.  This, to us, is the best aim of  our life and the 

true goal of Yoga.

In the process of  reclaiming our vision and returning to 

Divine Consciousness, comes the  realization that "Others" or 

"Them" are really reflections of  Supreme Being, just as we 

are. "They" is "Us."

  We think of You as the Flawless One, within and

beyond everyone and all things, simultaneously.  You do 

this while remaining One and the same throughout the 


 According to our knowledge, observation, application and 

experience, You as the all Pervasive One, within whom all are 

united, does not contradict sound reasoning and common 

sense.  Thank You for this spiritual practice centered in 

remembering You.  It is the Solace of our life.

We can never thank You enough for sending us constant 

reminders, in so many different ways, telling  us to repeat, 

repeat, repeat, aloud, silently or as the breath comes, goes or 

holds, Your Holy Names. 

Thanks be to Your Holy names for focusing us, centering us, 

and guiding us in the right direction back to Your Eternal,

Omnipresent, Divine Love.  This is the Eternal Love that is 

the basis of all consciousness and awareness.  It is with this 

love that we can forgive, overcome fear, transcend anger, lust, 

greed, and all the other fetters of Maya.  

We think of You as the One Divinity at the Source of all the 

worlds.  All praise to You and Your Holy Names for helping 

us in our restoration of self to Self.  No contradiction of logic, 

very sound reasoning, everything has been directly 

perceptible via experience.

Thank You for showing us how to redeem ourselves and 

attain the highest purpose of life by chanting Your Holy 

Names.   This spiritual practice purifies our consciousness 

and brings balance and harmony back into our lives. 

We believe, in the light of research, observation, and 

experience, that purification, balance, and harmony comes 

back into our lives because of our chanting Your Holy Names. 

This spiritual practice fixes our consciousness on You, the 

Most Pure, the Most Perfect, the Infinite Centeredness within 

and beyond all.  Association breeds assimilation.

We believe, in the light of research and critical thinking, that 

Your cosmic Law is the Law of Karma:  Reaping and sewing; 

cause and effect.  We suffer,  or we are at peace because of 

our own Karma.  

We alone are responsible for our condition.  Other persons, 

places, things, or circumstances are simply instruments 

through which our own doings, Karma, returns to us.

Chanting Your Holy Names helps us in  our efforts to 

purify our consciousness of lust, anger, and greed.  Those are 

the brigands that hinder our conscious union with You

Experience has shown us that the consciousness is purified as 

consequence of chanting Your Holy Names.  We also know

 from experience that the "Here After" is always "Here 

Now."  Judgement day, is always here.  Now is the "Here" 

and "After." The Law of Karma is always active. 

All praise is due to You alone. It is the constant remembrance 

of  You that purifies our consciousness and raises our 

character out of more or less hell.  As this happens, we are 

reestablished us in our original position of  conscious union 

with You.

You are the Great Spirit, the Source of all, that pervades and 

transcends the Cosmic Manifestations. The closer we get to 

You, consciously, the more we transcend Karma, Judgement 

Day, and experience the Eternal, ecstatic bliss of You.

We do not need full faith, nor need our Love for You be fully

blossomed, nor need we be in a humble state of mine to repeat

Your Holy Names.  You are the Most Pure.  The more we 

chant Your Holy Names we associate with You and are 


Our original, Divine Virtuousness naturally 

manifests through our behavior the more our consciousness is 

purified by the Divine Virtue of  Your association.  Through 

Your association our Pineal Gland is  decalcified.  The more

this happens, the greater we experience Your Divine 

Consciousness flowing through our being.

Constantly chanting Your Holy Names and offering all 

activities to You, we are gradually transformed, reborn as 

spirit, the original incomparable one who is total awareness 

looking out through this body.  

Surely, You are this One, the Eternal, Changeless One, who is 

and lives as our Eternal Spirit, the Supreme Being of  all, 

throughout the universe and beyond.  Inspired by You, it is to 

You alone we bring these humble offerings of praise and 

thanks giving.

Chanting the Holy Names helps us to purify and keep the 

mind steadfastly on You. Gradually, ignorance is effaced, and 

our consciousness is cleansed of the polluted desires for sense 

gratification.  As we progress in this spiritual practice, we 

realize that we, the Soul, always was, always is, and always 

will be free. 

 Chanting Your Holy names with each breath frees us from 

the sin and bondage of ego consciousness.  It does this by 

helping us gradually still the mind and awaken to the 

realization that the self is eternal, changeless spirit, pervading 

yet above, body, mind, intellect, and ego.

You are the First, the middle, the last, the Original Ancestor 

of all.  Ever-increasing Spiritual Power comes in the wake of 

chanting Your Holy Names. The mind becomes more still, the 

consciousness quiets, as we gradually awaken and realize 

You, the Ultimate Awareness and Supreme Self of all. 

Thank You for showing us how to redeem ourselves and 

attain the highest purpose of life by chanting Your Holy 

Names; this purifies our consciousness thus showing us that 

You, the Supreme Witness, exist prior to, during, and after 

the Great Silence.

We can never thank You enough for sending us constant

reminders, in so many different ways, to repeat, repeat, 

repeat, aloud, silently or as the breath comes, goes or holds, 

Your Holy Names.

We do not need full faith, nor need our Love for You be fully

blossomed, nor need we be in a humble state of mine to repeat

Your Holy Names. The more we chant Your Holy names our

consciousness is purified and the great virtues naturally 

manifest in our behavior. 

Constantly chanting Your Holy Names and offering all 

activities to You, we are gradually transformed, reborn as 

spirit, the original Incomparable One who is totally aware, 

the One who is and lives as Eternal Spirit within and beyond 


Thanks be to Your Holy names and Your Great Silence, for 

focusing us, centering us, and guiding us in the right direction 

to You, the One Divinity of all the worlds. All praise to Your 

Holy Names and to Your Great Silence of which You are the 

Ultimate Observer.