Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting the Holy Names 2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

The positive results of chanting Your Holy Names are

directly perceptible through realization.  When it is backed 

by the Scripture, critically analyzed, deconstructed, and 

reconstructed, this  meditation practice of chanting 

Your Holy Names stands to the best of reason.

Association brings assimilation.  Associating with You is our 

purification process.  Thank You for helping us to 

remember You. The beginning of remembering You, and for   

many of us the easiest way to begin remembering You, is 

chanting Your Holy Names.

  We think of You as more subtle than the waves and 

 particles of  photons, neutrons, and electrons.  Wthink of 

You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as More 

Subtle than the Infinite Stillness of Being.  

Chanting Your name helps to transform us, rescue us,  

from states of material, mental, intellectual, egoistic and 

spiritual suffering.  Assuredly, it rescues us from more or 

less death, Maya, and reestablishes us into the Omnipresent, 

Bliss-filled, Eternality of You.



Chanting Your name or names reestablish us into Your 

likeness again.  It does this by helping us to always think of 

You. You are the Most Pure.  Remembering You helps us to 

associate with You.

We know from observation, knowledge, and experience 

that chanting Your Holy Names is working on oneself.  Real 

work on self is working to purify one's consciousness of  

anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy.  Those are 

poisons of the mind which drag the consciousness down into 

hellish states of existence. 

 Purifying the Pineal Gland by always thinking of You 

purifies it, and through it the consciousness is cleansed.  This 

process brings us back into consciousness union withYou. 

We think of You as the Source of the intelligence, creativity, 

and energy which flows through the Pineal Gland. 

 Depending on the purity of the Pineal Gland, the energy, 

intelligence and creativity flows into and through the body, 

mind, intellect, and the so called ego.  The Source of this 

energy, intelligence and creativity is You, our Inner Master, 

the Source of our strength.

The Pineal Gland is purified according to the degree we are, 

and have been, in remembrance of  You. Thank You for the 

ability we have to always think of You.  Our refuge, our 

salvation, our release from Maya, our return to You, is our 

remembrance of You.

Of course, the Source of the energy, creativity, and 

intelligence flowing through the Pineal Gland is You.  The 

indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute who is 

beyond aversion and attraction, and any traces of duality, is 

You, the Source of our True Identity. 

This meditation practice of chanting Your Holy names and 

remembering You helps to transform us.  With this 

remembrance we evolve from states of material, mental, 

intellectual, egoistic and spiritual suffering.  

Gradually, by constant remembrance of You, we advance to

 our original virtuous, calm, intelligent, self-blissful and 

completely satisfied state of Pure Awareness.  The Source of 

this Pure Awareness is You.  Thank You for showing us how 

to renew our consciousness by seeing the self as spirit, pure 

energy, or awareness, and always thinking of You.

Your Holy Names help us sober up to this ever higher quality 

of Spiritual Being.  This Eternal Pure Awareness  

pervades and transcends Omnipresent, Infinite, and 

Stillness.  This Thou Art.  

The humble praise and thanksgiving 

offered here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is our 

offering to You, our very own Supreme Being.  This spiritual 

practice purifies our consciousness and hels us get ever closer 

to You.

Thank You for the intelligence to continue to offer 

glorification,  praise and thanksgiving to You and 

to You alone.  This a true transformation process for us.  It is 

return to our own Self, our very best Being.

 Thank You for helping us at all times to resist, cease, and 

desist from that which leads us in the direction of forgetting 

You. Thank You to the upmost for helping us to never forget 

and to always remember You. 

 It is by remembering You that we are rescued from Maya 

and "grafted" back into our True Self.  This True Self  is 

Eternal, Omnipresent, Bliss Overflowing Peace.

In association with You, who are beyond stillness and 

quietness, we are overcoming our egocentric diseases, and 

are experiencing You.  Thank You for showing us how to 

spiral back out of the illusionary energy, Maya, by always 

thinking of You.

We are experiencing the fact that You are our most beautiful, 

egoless, Supreme Being.  Our highest Virtues are rooted in 

You.  We can see this, the more we think of You

You are our Supreme Being, the Eternal Witness who 

pervades and transcends all, including the Silence and the 

Stillness.  We think of You, we concentrate on You, we 

meditate on You as This.

Consequently, we are  attaining ever greater peace, 

happiness, and fulfillment. By the grace of Your Holy 

Names, we are sobering up to You, here, now, as our Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Supreme Being. 

We are calling out Your Holy Names in our agony and in our 

ecstasy.  By the grace and mercy of Your Holy Names we are 

becoming more steady and transcending all dualities and 


Through the ages, souls such as we have tuned in to Your will 

by keeping the tongue at the soft spot at the roof of the back 

of the mouth, meditating from the Sixth Chakra, being 

conscious of the silence, consciously breathing, or holding fast 

to the chanting of Your Holy Names. 

Thank You for allowing us the sacred privilege of holding fast 

to Your Holy Names. We are increasingly able to do 

this during the plays of illusion on the physical, 

mental, intellectual, and spiritual planes of consciousness.  

The more we remember and chant Your Holy Names, we are 

purified and empowered to turn from our wicked ways.  this 

is how we break free, transcend Maya, and return to You.

You are Supreme Spiritual Force, within and beyond all 

material designations and dualities such as masculine, neuter, 

and feminine, day and night, up and down, east and west, 

activity and rest, least and best. 

 We think of You as within and beyond all states of 

consciousness whether they be considered high or low, fast 

or slow, rich or poor.

No name nor gender, nor state of consciousness can contain 

You.  We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate 

on You as the Supreme Absolute, the indescribable, within 

and beyond  all.  They are within You but thy never can 

contain You.

Thank You for allowing us the privilege of remembering You 

and Your Holy Names while we go about our mundane 

affairs, or while we are in sleeping or dreaming 

states of consciousness. 

Thank You for allowing us the privilege of remembering You 

and Your Holy Names while we go about our mundane 

affairs, or while we are in sleeping or dreaming states 

of consciousness.  

We think of You as the Source of the power of the universe, 

the original generating seed of all existence. Thank You for 

helping us listen to Silence and remember You.
Remembering You as Supreme Spirit or Energy, our original 

Source, we can experience ourselves as the same.  We are 

Eternal Spiritual Beings, pervading and transcending the 

body, mind, intellect, and ego.  

No blood nor DNA can properly describe nor contain our 

complete identity.  The Earth and all the Cosmic 

manifestations, and the fullness thereof are Yours. You are 

within and beyond them simultaneously.  We are in quality 

One with You

Thank You for teaching us how to keep Your Names and Your

most harmonious Unity, uppermost in our consciousness by 

always thinking of You and becoming Your devotee. 

In the midst of  the vast and variegated illusions of the 

exterior and interior worlds, may we continue to be blessed 

with the remembrance of Your Holy Names.


The more we are clean and quiet within by virtue of chanting

Your Holy Names, the better we can follow Your Most 

Righteous leadership. 

To the degree our consciousness is purified by this spiritual 

practice of recollecting You, we reawaken all levels of

 Consciousness to Your Everlasting Pure Awareness.

You, the Supreme Unity in all the diversity of life,  are the 

Ground of all Being.  The Love and ultimate goal of our 

endeavors here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is You. 

 Within and outside our body, mind, intellect, and ego, You 

are speaking to us at all times. The purer our consciousness, 

the better we can hear You and follow Your Divinity.

Your Omnipresence is always shinning through, and 

comprehended by us, Consciousness, according to the purity 

of our Pineal Gland.  We Purify our consciousness by always 

thinking of You.

 Tthe degree our  consciousness is cleansed of anger, lust, 

greed, illusion, madness, and envy, by our constant 

remembrance of  You, Divine Intelligence, Consultation, and 

Guidance comes from within.

We think of  You as our own Highest and Most Divine 

Consciousness.  We look from within and meditate on the 

One who is observing Awareness.  We are meditating on this

 awareness of awareness from the center of our head, the seat 

of consciousness and awareness, the Pineal Gland.

Thank You for helping us to move to the Most Perfect Union, 

You, by being intelligent enough to  live as spirit and to 

remember You through chanting You Holy Names and 

submitting all to You. 

Chanting Your Holy Names awakens us to the awareness that 

all is one in Your presence.  Assuredly, You are the 

Supreme Unity in the vast and variegated diversities of life.  

 All space and sound is pervades and transcended by You, the 

Eternal, Divine Presence within and beyond all.

This meditation practice of chanting Your Holy Names 

helps to transform us.  The more we remember You, we 

evolve, graduate from states of material, mental, intellectual,

 egoistic and spiritual suffering.  

Evolution, graduation means to us, in the context of this 

conversation means to come back to our original virtuous, 

calm, intelligent, self-blissful and completely satisfied state of 

Pure Awareness.

Thank You for showing us this ancient, scientific process of 

chanting Your name and submitting all to You.  It is a 

philosophy and practice which, when applied with patience 

and determination, cleanses and liberates us from the filth 

and corruption of Maya. 

 Life in Maya is more or less Hell.  It is spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, and physical, wretchedness, misery, and various 

degrees of slavery.  Always thinking of You is the Master Key 

to our liberation from the evil of Maya.

Repeating Your Holy Names, orally, in a whisper or silently 

purifies our consciousness because it brings us into association

with You, the Supreme Pure.  The ultimate and best aim of

our life is union with You, the Source of all life. 

Practicing this science of  of calling out Your name and 

submitting all to You really works.  It truly is a simple way 

we can redeem and resurrect ourselves from ignorance while 

we maintain and continue to purify our Pineal Gland.

The greatest ignorance is lack of knowledge of our Self as 

Eternal Spiritual Being.  As long as we languish in the 

mistaken belief that the self is physical, mental, intellectual, 

or ego identity only, we have to suffer the illusion of birth, 

growth, disease, old age, and death. 

 Right Knowledge and Intelligence demand that we die to 

those illusions, those misconceptions of the Self while living

 this spiritual life.  Always thinking of You is the process of 

cleaning the Pineal Gland and awakening from the illusions, 

the misconceptions of the Self, the process of dying to the 

illusion while living in the spiritual reality of Now.

Meditating on our breathing, chanting Your Holy Names, and 

submitting everything to You is something we can do for 

ourselves to liberate ourselves.  The goal of our efforts to 

liberate ourselves from Maya is You, the Source of freedom, 

 Infinite Space, and Silence.

We strongly recommend doing for self by associating with 

You.  We do this by calling out Your name and submitting all 

to You. This association purifies our consciousness and 

liberates us from Maya.  It can do this because it allows us 

to relate with You, The Most Pure, and the 

Completely Honorable One, within and beyond all degrees.