Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

Our wholeness and righteousness is cultivated and nourished 

by Your affiliation.  Thank You thousands of times over for 

the taste for chanting Your Holy Names, remembering the 

Silence, and being aware of Your Eternal Omnipresence.  We 

think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You, 

and we return to You.  This is our solution.

We think of You as the Source of all integrity and morality. 

The difficulties of waking, sleeping, and dreaming life are 

seemingly more trivial and insignificant the more we engage 

the mind in this spiritual practice of chanting Your Holy 

Names and remembering You. 

We are facing and overcoming the tortures of slavery to the 

insatiable senses and sense desire by constantly chanting 

Your Holy Names.  Your Holy Names are cleaning us up.  As 

this happens, we are regaining our dignity, self respect, 

freedom, and peace.   

We think of You as the Source of the strength of all 

foundations.  Absorption in thoughts of You, through 

chanting Your Holy Names, is strengthening us on all levels.

It is freeing us from the spiritual intellectual, mental, and 

physical miseries of the  illusory worlds. 

Always thinking of You frees us from Maya.  With this 

freedom from the illusory worlds comes knowledge 

of Self, continuous self improvement, greater productivity, 

and power.  

Moreover, our efficiency and the ability to protect and defend 

ourselves on all planes of existence is always improving 

because of our determination to always think of You. 

Gradually we are seeing that none is vile at the core. You, the

Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace, pervade and

transcend the most subtle vibratory phenomena that make up 

the core of all.  All glories to the magnificence of  You and 

Your Holy Names.

We believe You are the Source of all integrity and morality. 

The difficulties of waking, sleeping, and dreaming life are 

seemingly more trivial and insignificant the more we engage 

the mind in this spiritual practice of chanting Your Holy 


Thank You for allowing us the sacred privilege 

of remembering Your Holy Name and surrendering 

everything to You. This process cleans our Pineal Gland.

 In the process of cleaning our Pineal Gland, chanting Your 

Holy Names names restores our spirituality, our history, our  

memory, and our honor.   All glories to the chanting of  Your 

Holy Names.

We call out Your Holy Names, silently or loudly, which ever

is most appropriate according to time and circumstances.  

Thank You for encouraging us  to chant Your Holy Names.

Our path to reunion with You consists of chanting Your 

names and glories, submitting all we think, feel, will, say and 

do to You, and being ever conscious of the “Sound” of Your 

Silence, the Stillness of Your Being, and the sight of 

Your Infinite, Crystal, Blackness of Space. 

Use the remainder for other 


Chanting Your Holy Names, contemplating You and 

Surrendering to You is, to us, the highest and most blessed 

privilege.  We think of these spiritual activities as sacred, and 

very purifying, 

Chanting Your Holy Names is shining the light of Divine 

comprehension unto our traditional beliefs. Consequently, we 

are realizing more deeply the truth of who we really are, 

where we have come from, where we are, what we must be, 

and what must be done.  

As we more critically deconstruct and reconstruct the 

knowledge uncovered as a result of the chanting Your Holy 

Names, the deeper we go into the truth about Self, You, and 

the nature of life.  

Moreover, we can see how and why You, the beginning, 

middle, and end of everything, can be drawn on continuously 

without diminishing in the slightest.

Thank You for helping us purify our consciousness, 

absorbing it in You.  Consequently, we are evermore content 

with what we have, submitting all we think, feel, will 

and do, to You. This is helping us reabsorb our consciousness 

in You. 

 It is  absorption in You that empowers us to do good and 

further purify our consciousness. Thus, we sober up to Your 

reality in our every day life; simultaneously, we are 

contributing to the freedom and peace in our universe as we 

return to Your Infinitely Pure of Awareness.

We think of You as the root, ground, and nourishment of all 

reality. Thank You a thousand times over for passing down to 

us this Art and Science of always remembering You. 

 This spiritual  activity is purifying our awareness into Your 

likeness. Thus, we experiencing You and serving You with 

ever exceeding fulfillment and Peace.

You are the Source of our Illumination. We are in quality one 

with You. Constant remembrance of You restores to our 

consciousness, a healthy perception of reality, and our 

original gentleness and strength. Thank You for helping us to 

be internally strong and in knowledge of who we are.

By chanting Your Names we remember You and thus purify 

 our awareness to higher levels of excellence. Gradually 

we realize that You are our true salvation, and the ultimate 

goal of our life. 

Thank You for showing us how to remember You while 

earning our livelihood and transcending 

the illusory worlds.  Chanting Your Holy names is one of the 

tools that we are using in this process of being in, but not of, 

the illusory worlds.

 Remembering You empowers us us to remain cool, calm, and 

collected, disentangling our lower consciousness from the 

illusory contamination, as we rise into Your Glory again.

We are chanting your Holy Names, persistently being aware 

of the silence, and submitting all to You.  Gradually we are 

experiencing greater stillness of mind, spiritual harmony, 

liberation, and we are regaining our original Serenity of 


  Verily, by chanting Your Holy Names and always 

remembering You, we are regaining, in eternity, our original 

constitutional position of bliss and knowledge.

By chanting Your Holy Names or simply being mindful of the

breathing, we are awakening from our amnesia. Our

compassionate appreciation of others is growing, and our life 

is becoming more purified, sublime and fulfilled.

We think of You aYou as the Eternal, Infinitely Pure Center, 

Ultimate Power of all existence. By the grace of the process of 

chanting Your Holy Names we are being purified, and are 

returning to our original, deathless state of clarity, love, 

compassion and charity.  

By chanting Your Holy Names, we are empowered to 

better do what is truly right. What is truly right is to remain 

in conscious union with You, doing that which helps us 

remember You and get ever closer to You.  Chanting 

Your Holy Names helps us in our efforts to accomplish this 

most noble goal.