Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Concentration  10

If we would be free from slavery to the senses and not the 

sock puppet, entangled in Maya, we must come back into 

union with You.  We begin to come back to union with You

 by concentrating on You.

The more we concentrate on You, the stronger we are in 

Your "Grip" in Your "Hands" completely in harmony with 

You.  This makes greater our ability to resist the temptations 

and attractions to the objects of our senses.

You are the witness, the doer, the deed done, and the source 

of Everlasting Life. Thank You for revealing to us how to lead 

our lower self with our higher self.  We do this by always 

concentrating of You, thus remembering You in all we think, 

feel, will, say, and do. 

In the light of our research, observation, and experience,  

all vibration, no matter how subtle, is pervaded and 

transcended by You.  Thank You for teaching us how to 

concentrate on You so that we can gradually see the Truth.

Just as the one ether pervades and transcends the universe, 

You are The Most Powerful, the One Divinity, who pervades 

and transcends all the Ether.  Boundaries, religions, sexes, 

forms, cultures, fashions, borders, circumstances, and states 

of consciousness are within You. 

Thank You, Ever-Present, Intelligence of all sentient beings, 

for showing us how to use our prayer, studies, and nonviolent 

sacrifices to help us concentrate our mind on You.

 The more we concentrate our mind on You, the more we are 

awake, morally straight, exceedingly alive and positive in this 


Concentrating on You Purifies our consciousness. 

Purification of consciousness frees us from anger, worry, 

lamentation, and hankering.  It restores us to our natural 

state beyond compassion, celebration, and craving. 

As we are purified and awakened to our original virtuous 

nature, we are more grateful, honest, kind, free from desire, 

and  increasingly able to make quiet and edifying 

contributions to our own as well as the welfare of all sentient 


We get right with You by concentrating on You. We do this by

surrendering all that we think, feel, will, or do, as an offering  

to You. This spiritual practice brings our will into harmony 

with Your will, the Way of Peace 

As a consequence of having our mind exceedingly concentrated on You,

 it is ever stronger and not easily carried away by  the thoughts.  As the

 mind is strongly concentrated on You,  our consciousness becomes more 

purified and stronger in its ability to resist unedifying in thoughts, words, 

and deeds.