Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


      Love  11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha


Identifying You as Infinite, Loving Awareness, and

 applying it, we are  reclaiming our perfect love, and are 

most intelligently attaining our highest values.  

We are moving from materialistic consciousness to universal 

consciousness, to Divine Consciousness and Awareness.  At this

 level we are living, evermore, up to our greatest potential: 

 Eternal, Divine Awareness.

As this reviving and rebuilding of dignity and self-respect 

happens through this science of Indigenous Spirituality,  we 

are changing our perception of our world; transforming

from materialistic consciousness to spiritual consciousness. 

Spiritual Consciousness changes our negative thinking 

and  behavior to the quintessence of positive, Loving Awareness, 

thinking anbehavior; seeing and behaving in the light of the 

Third Eye of  compassionate  understanding.

Divine Loving Awareness is our profoundest and ultimate 

aspiration.  It consist of Self-discovery, self-knowledge, 

and self- realization,  identified as Eternal, Pure 

Awareness, pervading and transcending all bodies,

minds, intellects, egos and vibrations throughout the

Cosmic Manifestations. 

 Divine Loving Awareness is a return 

to our original integrity:   Complete realization of, 

and Eternal Union with, our Ancient, Sovereign, and 

     Most Sacred Spiritual Awareness. 

We think of You as the One Eternal, Divine, Supreme 

Loving Force, pervading and transcending all gender 

identities:  feminine, masculine, neuter, or otherwise. 

You are within and beyond inside and out, insults and

honor, birth and death, forms and formlessness, infamy

 and fame. 

 Images cannot contain You, yet You contain all images.  

Castes, creeds, colors, all enders, religions,  likenesses,

 birth, death, and rebirth are within You.  Simultaneously, 

You, the Infinite Love, are within and beyond all.

All are contained within You.  You contain all, and You are 

within and beyond all.  Empty or full, death or life cannot 

fully contain, nor in any way control You.  Surrounding and 

beyond, within and without,  above and below, truly You, 

Supreme Love,  are pervading and transcending all 

opposites, dualities and personalities. 

As we awaken and remember You,  we think of You, Infinite

 Love,  as pervading and transcending all explosions and 

implosions, numbers and zero,  macro and micro. 

We see that You, this One, Supreme Loving Awareness, are

 more subtle than the space between thoughts and the space

 within which thoughts exist.  You are finer than the finest 

         frequencies of  Silence, within and overlooking all.  

You are this One Love, the Most Subtle Energy.  You are 

Never  created nor destroyed.   You,  this One, Most Subtle

Loving  Awareness, are recognized and revived in the

 individual  through this science of  Self-discovery, Self-

knowledge,  Self-realization, and Divine Awareness. 

 By association with You as this experience of Loving 

Awareness, our  consciousness  becomes  Quiet, Clean, 

and Thoughtlessly Still again.  

Thank You for helping us come back to our original Honor, 

Respect for Self and Righteousness.  Thank You for for 

fulfilling our longing for conscious Union with You.  Surely 

this Most Aware Love, pervading and transcending the many 

and the One, is You.