Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


   Love  15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.   Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.

You are the Supreme Consciousness who sees through all 

eyes, hears through all ears, and knows all.  To the degree our 

consciousness is purified by always thinking of You, we are 

able to reawaken, rise, and cleanup our lives.  Thus, we live 

increasingly in the bliss and fulfillment of Your  Harmony

Peace and Love.

Praise be to You, Supreme Spiritual Master to whom other 

spiritual masters come to learn of the Self.  Thoughts of  You 

are freeing our heart of misery by cleansing it of sins 

committed when we were ignorant of  Your Supreme, Loving 


Thank You for helping us remember You.  We have 

experience that remembrance of  You is truly our purification,

 and salvation.  It is responsible for our rise out of Maya's 

miserable state of affairs back to our natural moral,

reasonable, and unconditional, loving state of Awareness.

Thank You for encouraging us to think for ourselves.  

Thinking independently, carefully, clearly, critically, and 

analytically.  Your Loving Awareness at the center of our

 life, strengthens and restores us spiritually, morally, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically.

The light of this higher understanding awakens and raises us 

from a more or less dead level. It empowers us and frees us to 

be our ever better Self, able to honestly express ourselves for 

 the ever greater benefit of all.  This ever better self is spiritual

              liberation in union with You, Loving Awareness.

Truly, as we awaken in conscious union with You, we see 

Your love everywhere.  We  naturally treat others as we want 

to be treated.

You are the Supreme Awareness of all. Myriad heavens 

revolve around Your servants' feet.  Thank You for 

 engaging us now and evermore in the Transcendental

Loving Service of Your sincere servants.

The greatest enemy and terrorist is ignorance of

Self.  It keeps us spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and 

      physically ill, enslaved to Maya.  However, thinking of

 You purifies our consciousness.  This keeps us doing 

everything possible in thought, word, or deed that 

            unselfishly benefits ourselves and others while moving 

away the clouds of ignorance between us and You.

This Self, Infinite Loving Awareness, is formless, light, 

indivisible, and undifferentiated.  Near the center of the head, 

behind the eyes, looking out from the Pineal Gland, It is the

 inner light by which we see the darkness and the light.  

Suffering follows unclean, unrighteous actions.  Those 

are actions inflicted on another sentient being which are 

detrimental to that sentient being's freedom, edification 

and overall health.

Life, for us, is not a matter of revenge.  We reap what we 

have sown.  Thinking, feeling, willing, doing; if with  

clean consciousness we think, then our feeling, willing, 

and doing will be righteous, of benefit and blessings to 

others and self.  Tranquil Joy, Loving Awareness,  

eventually follows righteous deeds, done for others as 

offerings to You.