Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


   Love  7

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.   Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.

Many of us have been instructed that the heart is the seat of 

what is known as the consciousness, self, or Awareness. 

  However,  as the consciousness is purified and awareness

rises up through the Charkas, we see and experience this

consciousness, awareness, or self, emanating from the 

Pineal Gland or Third Eye.  

Looking further with the eye of discernment, the Third Eye, 

we see the individual consciousness coming through the Third 

Eye from You, Infinite Consciousness of the Self.  Thank You 

for showing us how to look from the Third Eye.

 You are the Supreme Awareness of all. Thank Yofor teaching 

us  how to clean our consciousness, and be free from selfishness and 

greed by fixing our awareness on You.  Thus, our respect for  all

 Sentient Beings' right to Freedom, Justice,  Equality, Prosperity, 

Security, and Peace, continues to grow ever stronger.

The more our deeds are virtuous, done as offerings to You, 

the more we rise out of the suffering of Maya.  Hell is more or 

less Maya.  Thank You for helping us gain freedom from 


Gradually, by this spiritual practice of fixing our awareness on You, 

 we are eventually able to see You, looking out from deep within every 

Sentient Being.  

Practicing fixing our awareness on Your Omnipresence is 

definitely our means of purification and our Exodus from the

 wickedness, self-forgetfulness, and constant suffering, in 

various degrees, of Maya.  

The place of suffering where repeated birth and death take 

place is known as Maya. Thank You for being our Best friend 

and Ever Well Wisher.  You are constantly helping us to see 

ways we can constantly remember You and riuse out of Maya.

By the spiritual practice of fixing our awareness on Your Omnipresence,

 our  consciousness is cleansed of lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and

  Envy Consequently, our awareness is purified, we rise out of Maya and

 gradually we are reinstated in awareness with You

The secondary source of all slavery and tricks, and other 

types of sufferings, whether they be spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, or physical, is Maya, Your illusory energy.  

 primary source of these various degrees of sufferings is 

ignorance caused by gradual attraction to the material world

 and eventual forgetfulness of  You.