Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



    Love 8

The most important sacrifice we can make is simply fixing 

our mind on You, the Source of our inner strength. 

Consequently, we better understand who we are and what we 

must continue to do to vouchsafe our liberation from the 

clutches of Your illusory energy, Maya. 

 According to our research, observation and experience, You are

the Supreme Self of all. Thank Yofor teaching us how to clean 

our consciousness, and be free from selfishness and greed.  Thus, 

our respect for all Sentient Beings' right to Freedom, Justice, 

Equality, Prosperity, Security, and Peace, continues to grow ever 


According to our research, experience, and knowledge, we 

are the soul, and You are the Supreme Soul in and beyond all 

bodies, Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, Temples, and Skies.

To the degree our consciousness is purified by fixing our awareness

 on You, we experience Your Omnipresence.  This is supported by

 undeniable researched knowledge and experience.  When one has 

this, one knows that  Your Reality is  truly present  everywhere  at 

all times.  

If we are to have a civilization of Truth, Righteous, Love, and 

Peace, then it must be built on a spiritual foundation with 

You at the center. The beginning of the spiritual foundation is 

seeing the self as not a body with a soul, but as a soul with a 

body.  Gradually, we are able to see You, the Supreme

Soul, in everybody.

Upon close and critical analysis of the political, social, 

economic, racial, and moral problems confronting our 

communities, we will see that these problems are rooted in 

ignorance of Self. 

perceptible  through experience, supported by

great spiritual leaders and scriptures, reason and common

sense, the practice of remembering You is our real solution.

It frees us from the worldly poisons of lust, anger, and greed.

To the degree we are free from those three brigands, lust, anger, and 

greed, we experience the nectarean antidote oYour ever increasing, 

Most Blissful, Independent and Infinitely Free Awareness, the Supreme 

Self of all.

Thank You for teaching us how to surrender to You and 

thus unfold a clean and strong heart, Divine Vision, and 

the spirit of righteousness.