Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


  Meditation  14

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.   Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Supreme Consciousness behind all consciousness, the 

Eternal, Tranquil, Supreme Awareness  of the Black 

Nothingness of space.

 Thank You for Your guidance.  Thank You for allowing us to 

experience Your Loving Presence.  We concentrate on You, 

we meditate on You as the Silence and Its Eternal Witness, 

the Supreme Awareness of all.

We think of You as the be all, within all, of all, and beyond 

all, including beyond all names, forms, images, weights, 

and Gravity.  Truly, You are our ideal, the Only One worthy 

of our praise, adoration, and submission/offering.

We meditate on You as the Source and Witness of Stillness, 

 all vibratory phenomena, and ecstatic bliss. You are always 

here, witnessing all.  We meditate on You to attain conscious 

         reunion with You, our Supreme Being.

We meditate on You, we offer to You, we associate with You 

the Witness of the Greatest Silence throughout the Cosmic 

Manifestation. This  is our ancient yet new route 

to information, Self- education and edification for union with 

Your Divinity. 

Purification of our consciousness by association with 

You enhances our ability to meditate on You and thus be 

more aware of Your infinitude.  Gradually we achieve greater 

ability to express, with our meager vocabulary, a modicum of 

Your Infinite Glories.

This meditation leads to Divine Civilization with its 

concomitant high quality, Divine Life, with edifying 

productivity centered in  You.  All is done as submission to 

You alone.  Gradually the civilization comes into  union with 

You, Divine Consciousness.  No doubt, this is our Greatest 


Thank You for helping us to always remember to constantly 

praise, thank You, and to meditate on You, the Witness of  

the "Sound" of  Silence.  We concentrate on You as the 

Master Teacher within and beyond, the body, mind, intellect, 

and ego. 

Meditation on the Self as Awareness, beyond consciousness 

 is our meditation.  It allows the consciousness to be purified 

and return to its Source, original, blissful, inner quiet

stillness, and above all, Awareness.  

We do this through constant praise, thanksgiving, and 

meditation on You as You.   By constantly praising and 

thanking You, thinking of You, concentrating on You, and 

meditating on You, we are cultivating our consciousness from 

brute, to human, and from human to Divine Awareness again. 

The more we fix our mind on You and Meditate on You 

as the witness within and beyond meditating on Silence,   

the more we experience our own reality witnessing Silence 

and You as the Supreme Witness, within and beyond all, 

including Silence.  We meditate on You as the Silence and Its 

Eternal, Supreme Witness, Supreme Awareness.

We are regaining this reality of the Eternal Omnipresence of 

You by listening to Silence, and witnessing the Silence Itself. This

 is one of the meditation techniques within our spiritual practice.

Always thinking of You is association with You.  It leads to 

concentration on You.  We concentrate on You as here now, 

within, enveloping and transcending all; this  leads to 

meditation on You.   We meditate on You as the Gayatri,  the 

Supreme, Eternal, Awareness of all, including Yourself;  This 

kind of meditation leads to reabsorption in You.

Through meditation one discovers one’s own light. That light 

we can call Soul, Self, Allah, Brahman, Gye Nyame, God, 

Divinity, whatsoever word we chooseowe can "just remain 

silent because it has no name.  It is a  a nameless experience, 

tremendously beautiful, ecstatic, utterly silent," but it gives 

us "the taste of eternity, of timelessness, of something beyond 


– Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

We are associating with You by calling out Your name, offering 

You everything, and meditating on You as the Witness of Silence 

and Now, looking out through our own consciousness and 


By this spiritual practice of concentrating on You, and meditating 

on You, we purify  our consciousness of attachment to Maya. 

 Gradually limited designation identification of the self, along with its 

concomitant fear, is cleansed from our consciousness; we awaken from 

Maya, the "House of Bondage" and come back to You.  This is our


We think of You.  We concentrate on You.  We meditate on 

You as the Eternal, beyond unconscious and consciousness, 

form and formless, witness, witnessing, and witnessed.  You 

are the One who is aware of the one who is concentrating on 

the breathing.

Meditating on You is one of the ways we are pulling up and out

 of the illusion that we are the material body, mind, intellect, and 

ego.  Evermore, we are living in the fulfillment of  Eternal, 

Spiritual Being.