Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 9

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

      Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

    Hari  Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.   Namo Namaha


We praise You as the Source of the Power of Gravity and 

our own Supreme Being.  We are benefited and comforted by 

this vast treasure of ancient knowledge and awareness known 

as You.  


Shared free of charge, this knowledge, presented here at

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, shows us how to get out

of the "Total Mess" Maya, and return to You, our original 

     eternal life of bliss and fulfillment.


 This knowledge of Self and how to attain it is passed along

freely without any kind of charge or commitment.  It has 

been and still is being revealed to us free of charge or any 

kind of obligation.  All is given and shared through us by the 

Grace of our Most Righteous, Eternally Omnipresent,

 Supreme Being. 


We praise You as the most worthy of regard, the Source of 

all love and gratitude.  There is none, other than You, worthy 

of praise.  Thank You for allowing us to see You and You 

alone, eternally the same, pervading and transcending 

all cosmic manifestations.


Thank You for revealing to us how all sentient beings are in 

You and are Yours.  All are, because of Your loving 

Omnipresence, worthy of  our greatest love and respect.  


 Our consciousness is cleared of anger, lust, and greed,

 the more our consciousness and awareness are purified 

by virtue of our efforts to love and respect You.  

To the degree consciousness and awareness are purified, 

we are more in harmony with Your will, the way of peace; 

consequently, ever greater love and respect manifests from

You through us for the welfare of the earth, the universe, 

           and all sentient beings.


The Self as Supreme  Energy, Consciousness, or Awareness is  

Eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss.  Prayers to 

You helps us in our efforts to keep negative, wicked, 

imprisoning thoughts out of our consciousness.  

Thank You for teaching us the art of praying to You with love 

and devotion. This Spiritual practice, at the center of the art 

and science of dedrossing the Pineal gland, purifies the 

consciousness.  It is a very new, yet very old, spiritual way of 

  life that cleanses our consciousness and dissolves Maya from 

                our life.


Practicing this spiritual science of serving You through 

others empowers us to survive and thrive in the freedom 

and security of our original Truth, Righteousness, Love, 

and Peace.  This is the way we progress in bringing forth 

our Original Divinity from within our own consciousness

        and awareness.


True knowledge liberates us to think freely and critically for

ourselves.  Our  belief  in You or anything else is based on 

our critical  knowledge, observation, and experience.  Deep 

within, we long to return to an eternal life  of unlimited 

comprehension and bliss; "Sat Chid Ananda."


 The more our consciousness is purified and our 

discrimination is awakened, the more we engage in critical 

free thought, Neti Neti, and return to our original position 

of eternal, unlimited comprehension, and and bliss.


Accepting the wisdom of the great Sages of history, we submit 

all to You, the Supreme Being of all ages.  This is our solution 

to the problems that exist in the worlds of birth, death, and 

rebirth, Maya.


We want to be happy because our original constitutional 

position is ecstatic bliss.  We do not want to be ignorant and 

strive for knowledge and understanding because You, our 

source, are the beginning, middle, and end of enlightenment.  

We are enlightenment and Awareness, Its Source.  This is 

             our Supreme Being, our Original, Eternal Nature.


Your Supreme Reality, the Source of all potency and love, is 

at hand, in this present moment. The more the Pineal gland is 

clean and the consciousness is pure as a consequence, the 

greater our experience of Your Supreme Love and Peace in 

this eternal moment.

We can and must come back to You, our birthless, 

deathless, Supreme Awareness who is always free from 

suffering. Indeed, many of us abhor the suffering of old age, 

disease, and death.  It it is foreign to our eternal, spiritual 

nature.  Coming back to You brings us back to our 

            original Sachidananda.


This spiritual practice of always seeing You consists of  

seeing You as the Supreme Witness of all consciousness, and 

seeing ever higher states of awareness witnessing ever higher 

states consciousness. 

How can there be either forms or the absence of forms?

Where there is the Supreme, infinite as the sky,

How can there be any differentiation of objects?

Saptamo adhyayah

Chapter 7, Verse 5