Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 14

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.   Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.


Thank You for Your original primeval word  Aum.  We see ourselves and You within Aum and Aum within You and ourselves.  Verily, You are the Most Perfect and we have seen and experienced that perfection in Aum.  Truly, You are within everything and everything is within You.  Aum is Your original primeval Word.  It too is pervaded and transcended  by You, the Supreme Witness of  all.


We think of You as Supreme Spirit, in and beyond the Cosmic manifestations, ancestors, DNA, vibratory
phenomena, the infinite tranquillity of being, form and formlessness.  


By Your Grace, inspiration and association, we are able to 
remain at equilibrium and experience true  freedom.  No One other than You can grant us real freedom.  Real freedom means purified consciousness, free from Maya, and reinstatement in Your Glory again.  Thank You for helping us understand, know, and experience real freedom.


We know You have no partners, equals, nor associates.  

However, because You are the Most Pure, we gain purity of 

consciousness and awareness, by always thinking of You.  

This is a sort of association with You, though not associating 

with You as a partner, equal, or associate.  It is our always 

thinking of You kind of association.


There can no image of  You, the Most Subtle, 
nor do we need 

any material things or images as a focal point.  Wwant an 

ever closer, conscious, spiritual relationship with You.  This is 

our endless, eternal, freedom;  it is union with You, 

our Supreme Being.


We remember You by seeing the self as spirit,  calling one 

or more of Your names, and offering You everything;  

gradually,  we are reborn, reshaped, refined, into Your 

likeness again.  Thank You for  helping us to increase our 

remembrance of You.


We think of You as Omnipresent, fully intelligent Spirit, Pure 

Energy, Spirit. There is nowhere to be  found where You are 

not present.  


Thank You for awakening our curiosity,  our

discrimination, and our ability to think critically 

about everything and everyone, including You.  We think of 

You as within and beyond everything and everywhere.


We think of You as the Supreme Intelligence that empowers 

us to live, love, and thrive.  We think of You as the Supreme, 

Most Subtle Power which pervades, transcends, and 

animates the sun, moon, and stars.  


The more our consciousness is purified as a consequence of 

always thinking of You, we can see the Eternal,

Omnipresent, Changeless Self observing the universe as

Itself and Observing Itself as Itself, and completely fulfilled. 


 Finally we can see that for the Changeless Self, there is

no other to observe.  Verily, You are the Observer, Observing,

and Observed, ad infinitum.  


Thank you for teaching us to always think of You, to  do for 

ourselves and to depend on You and You wholly.  By living in 

this way we spiritually and morally liberate ourselves back 

into our eternal  life of Unlimited Bliss and Peace


On the other hand, if what we are doing is bringing us 

ever closer to You, it is morally right, we should  embrace it 

and do more of it.  


We know from past experiences that fixing 

our mind on You by always  thinking of  You is shelter;  It is 

strength, purifying our consciousness, making us a 

more decent and sublime living being.  Most importantly, 

always thinking of You is bringing us back  to You.