Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 16

          Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

           Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

                 Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.   Namaha.

 Silence is Space and Its Sound. We meditate on You as the 

Most Clean One, the Ultimate Observer, in and beyond 

Silence and Space.  Our business is clean up our life on all 

levels.  We do this by always thinking of You, concentrating 

on You, and meditating on You as Silence, Space, Its Sound,  

and the Supreme Awareness of all.  

Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You.  

concentration on You leads to meditation on You.  Meditation 

on You brings us back to the Source of the self, You.  Thank 

You for continuously telling us how, in so many different 

ways, to always think of You, to concentrate on You, and to 

meditate on You.

We always think of You, concentrate on You, and meditate

on You. If we are to be increasingly victorious in this battle

 to get out of Maya and continue to progress back to You,

our original consciousness, we must reabsorb our 

consciousness back into the eternality of  You. 

As this association by always thinking of You happens, the 

cleansing goes down through all levels of consciousness:

 Spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical.  At last, all 

comes back to You.  The Unchanging, One Source, of all 

beginnings, middles, and ends is You.

Slowly, as the consciousness  is cleansed, we manifest the 

qualities of who we really are, Love, Light, and Life, in Super 

abundance. It surely takes cleanliness of consciousness to 

manifest the qualities of true Love, of which You are the 


We meditate  on You as the  Supreme Witness of  Now and 

within and beyond all that is within it. We meditate on 

You as the Witness within and beyond Aum, Your original, 

primeval sound.  

Due to lack of agitating thoughts, generated by anger, lust, 

and greed being in the consciousness, the consciousness 

returns to Its normal, quiet state.  Gradually, it settles 

ever more in the profundity of You, the Infinite 

Stillness of Witness Being, our original position.

We are spiritually and psychologically well armed when our 

mind is fixed on You.  We are purified on all levels as we 

meditate on You.  Thank You for teaching how to 

meditate on You.  

We think of You as the Divine, Infinitely Free, Presence that 

is always here.  The spiritual, psychological, and physical  

prison, is known as Maya.  The business of 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is to purify our 

consciousness, transcend Maya and progress back to You.

Thanks, praise, and glorification to You evermore for guiding 

us on the right path to reach You.  We are doing this while 

being cognizant that our affairs, in Your "Hands," are in the 

most perfect order. 

The more our consciousness is cleansed by always thinking of 

You, the more we are in harmony with You and open to Your 

Grace and Mercy.  We are empowered by Your Grace to 

integrate this spiritual practice of always thinking of You into 

meditating on You

 We meditate on You as the Supreme, Eternal, 

Unchanging, Immovable, Ultimate Witness, within and 

beyond  Silence, Space, the Sound of space, and the most 

subtle blue Blackness of Space just before the light of dawn.  

We meditate on You as the Premier Witness of this awareness 

and of all awareness.  

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness, within 

and beyond all concepts and understanding of nature.  We 

meditate  on You as within and  beyond all levels 

of consciousness, changing and unchanging. 

 We meditate on You as within and beyond the moving and 

immovable.  We meditate on You as the Undistractable, 

Supreme Awareness.  This meditation practice cleanses our 

consciousness and brings us back into Your likeness 


We suffer or enjoy because of  our own Karma.  Treating 

others unrighteously causes bad  Karma.  Reaping that which 

we have sown means we are  receiving the results  of our own 

activities, Karma.  Others are simply instruments through 

which our own Karma, bad or  good, negative or positive,  

returns to us.  

We are responsible for the life we are living.  We are grateful 

to You, and we thank You, very sincerely, for teaching us how 

to think of You and how to meditate on You 

to cleanse our consciousness of anger, lust, and greed.  

Those brigands:  Anger, lust, and greed, are sordid.  They 

pollute our consciousness.  That kind of  adulterated 

consciousness nurtures the seeds of future suffering by  

giving rise to contaminated thoughts, feelings, 

willings, and the doings of mischievous and malicious 


Suffering is the consequence of our own mischievous and 

malicious activities.  Other people, places, events or 

circumstances are, in the final analysis, conduits through 

which  the consequences of our own doings return to us.