Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 5

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ba.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.   Namo Namaha

The very basis of true edification, cultivation and civilization, 

is purification of unedifying things from our consciousness.  

Those unwholesome things have their roots in the ignorance 

of anger, lust, and greed.  We think of You, we pray to You, 

we meditate on You for purification, protection and all other 

help in cleansing impurities from our consciousness.

We think of You as Most Virtuous, High, and Supreme 

Divinity of all Divinity,  beyond names, forms and 

formlessness.  You impregnate the smallest vibration of the 

creation.  Simultaneously, You surpass and 

witness the totality of all creation, maintenance, and 


 Except for You, before during and after the creation,

maintenance and destruction of the Cosmic Manifestations, 

there  is Nothing.  However, You also contain, permeate, and 

exceed that absence of something called Nothing.

We think of You as the Source of all technology, and You are 

our Spiritual Connection with each other throughout the 

universe. With this revolutionary and evolutionary knowledge

of self, we move back into our Divine Future.

This Divine future that we are moving into is brimming with 

all sorts of beneficial spiritual and material technology.  It is 

brilliant, clean, out of harm's way, sustainable, and recyclable

for all the welfare of all sentient beings, current and future.

We think of You as our Real Leader, our Best innovator and 

innovation.  Our Most  Righteous, and Most Ancient Leader 

within our own being is You.  Our Youngest and Oldest 

Leader simultaneously, our Over Soul, and our Supreme 

Being is You, and You alone. 

Thank You for helping us be patient, steadfast, and 

determined to clean our consciousness, restore our spiritual 

and cultural heritage, and come back to You. 

 You are the Source of our latest and Best Ideas.  The Point 

at which the best answers to our most vexing questions, and 

from whence our Divine Solutions Originate is You.  Thank 

You thousands of times over for Your Association.  

We are truly grateful to You for showing us how to purify 

our consciousness and thus better associate with You.  We are 

able to draw on the indigenous spirituality of the universe 

and stay ahead of the pack by associating with You. We 

associate with You by always thinking of You.

We think of You as Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and 

Omniscient, pervading and transcending all races, colors, 

creeds, and religions.  Everything and all thought emanates 

from Your Power.  Thank You for providing us with  

knowledge of Self as spiritual being having human 


Knowledge of self as spirit or energy is a very practical, 

user centered, real world approach to solving problems.  

Those problems are rooted in designation identity as a 

material, mental, intellectual, or ego being.

All thought, imagination, vibration, and power, has its source 

in You.  Although it never really leaves You, it seems to be 

eventually reabsorbed into You. Thank You for showing us 

how to be ever better at the game of life by always thinking of 


Thank You for showing us how to remember You constantly 

and thereby make steady progress in our awakening to You.  

All that we think, feel, will, say and do is done as submission 

to You.  All is done in pursuance of You alone, and none other.

Most assuredly, You are the Source of our Cleanliness, and 

our Spiritual and Cultural Heritage. With purification 

of consciousness we can realize and experience this fact.

Being conscious of the Silence, and submitting all to You, we 

really experience our consciousness being purified of anger, 

lust, and greed.  This is our ancient method of coming back to 

You.  No doubt, remembering You is the key to our salvation 

from Maya.