Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



                                                                           Praise and Thanksgiving   18

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

Our origin is You, no nation, creed, color, or race binds us in their illusions.  We are spirit, 

temporarily caught up in the illusion, Maya.  In that illusion, we are thinking the self

is material and will return to dust. 

As we awaken out of Maya and return to sanity, after research, observation, 

experimentation, deductive reasoning, and our spiritual practice, we see that the self is 

never born and never dies.  It is pure awareness, the observer of birth, growth, old-

age, disease, and death.  

Our origin is You, no nation, creed, color, or race binds us in their illusions.  We are spirit, 

temporarily caught up in the illusion, Maya.   In that illusion, we are thinking the self

is material and will return to dust. 

 Our entrapment in Maya began prior to, during, and after the time of conception.  It is the 

consequence of our own doing, our Karma.  We are responsible for our condition.  

This condition is a product of our thoughts.  Always thinking of You purifies the 

consciousness from which the thoughts emanates.

We are eternal spirit, in quality one with You.  The One, Eternal, Supreme Spirit, the 

Absolute Awareness, which gives life, light, and power to all, is You.  There is no concoction 

that is not within You and that does not contain You.

Gradually, as we think of You, and our consciousness is purified, freed from thoughts 

and quieted again, we are empowered to meditate on You as Silence, and Awareness.  

Slowly, we accomplish our ultimate goal:  A return to You, the Eternal, Supreme, 

Attributeless, Witness of all, including Its Self.  This is a reawakening, a return to the Most 

High, the Source and Foundation of all consciousness and awareness.

We meditate on You by being aware of looking from behind closed eyes, and being aware of 

breathing, all while listening to the sound of Silence and being aware of Awareness of 

Silence Itself.  This can be done simultaneously or individually.  

The above meditation techniques are some of  our Spiritual Practices.  They unlock the 

many cells of Maya and chaperone us out of Maya and back to the Infinite Freedom of You.

hen we are enlighten with the knowledge whereby ignorance of Self is destroyed, we are 

reestablished in our Real Self, the Eternal, Omnipresent Peace which is beyond all 

genders, designations and classifications.  

This Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace is You.  It is the home we never really left, like the wave 

that never really left the ocean. You are the Omnipresence we cannot, and do not want to 

leave.  Everything, including Maya is within Your Eternal 


The ultimate goal of life, as spirit, is reunion with You, the eternal, Universal 

Consciousness, Our Supreme Spirit.  We think of You as the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, 

Supreme Absolute, beyond all complete descriptions, Beyond the Beyond, ad infinitum.

We think of  You as the One Enduring Spiritual Principle, the All Attractive Love. Within 

and beyond all genders, non-genders and species of life, You are the One Fundamental 

Quintessence, the One that is within and beyond gross and subtle, nouns and pronouns.  

Our business is not to conquer or in any way control, cause trouble, nor even disturb the 

illusory world in any way.  For us, the illusory world is, always has been, and always will be 

a place of ignorance where the suffering cycles of oppressive and exploitative birth, disease, 

old - age and death are constantly taking  place.  

Turning around, spiritual revolution, renewing of our consciousness, begins with, I am not 

the temporary material body doing something.  I am eternal spirit, beyond unity, non 

unity, all dualitiues, bodily distinctions, languages, religion, nationalities and universalities, 

doing nothing. 

Our  enemy is not of flesh and blood.   Our enemy is our own 

mind in ignorance of self, out from under our control, and entertaining thoughts that the 

self is of some material designation.

This basic ignorance of self, that the self is of a particular bodily distinction, race, creed, 

color, nationality, or any designation, is the cause of our continuous suffering in 

the worlds of illusions.

You are above the thought, the thinking, the thinker, and all the noise of the so called mind.  

As we meditate on You, we open the doors and shutters of our consciousness.  In this

 light, we shed layers of ignorance and experience the fact that the self and You, although 

different in quantity, are in duality, One.

From the highest to the lowest, any sentient being, all suffer  to varying degrees when 

captured in the illusion of Maya.  Thank You for teaching us that we were in Maya, and 

thank You evermore for showing us a way to awaken from out of  it.