Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving   1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha

Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness.  You are The Super 

Soul of all: Invincible, Infinite in Capability, Intelligence, and 

Creativity, full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss.

We are thanking You and praising You with the most 

beautiful thoughts, words, works, and songs we have at our 

command in this language.  Thank You for accepting our 

humble offerings.

You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller 

than the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and dissolution in You. 

For us, You are the Greatest Benefit, the Absolute Truth 

with whom there is none to compare.  In You, our own 

Supreme Being, there are no dualities nor shortages. 

Within and beyond all, there is nothing which You do 

not comprehend.  

You pervade and transcend names Systems, Sound, Silence, 

Space, Nothing, and Everything. Principle of all energy, 

creativity, and intelligence, praising You is the spiritual 

practice that cleans our consciousness.  As this happens, 

we get out of Maya, the Cycle of Suffering, and return to 

You, our Supreme Being.

You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller 

than the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and dissolution in You. 

You are truly the Supreme Truth, beyond the beyond. Thank 

    You for revealing to us a methodology for increasing our 

  wisdom, purifying our consciousness, and harmonizing with 

                  nature by coming back to union with You.

We know, from research, observation, and experience, that 

You are the Source of the Kingdom of Divinity, within and 

beyond the consciousness of all.

By Praising and Thanking You in all circumstances, and at 

all times, we are surrendering to You and associating with 

You.  This is the spiritual practice which purifies the Pineal 

Gland and thus, the consciousness and awareness.

 We thank and praise You for mothers, fathers, sisters and 

brothers; for sons and daughters; we thank and praise You 

for everything, just as it is right now and forevermore.

You are the creator, maintainer, annihilator, that from whom 

all is born, the source of infinite beauty, and You are the only 

One worthy of worship. 

This spiritual process of Praising and thanking You in

all circumstances, keeps out unproductive thoughts,

 cleanses our consciousness of all negativity and restores

 our consciousness back to its Original Purity.  

Gradually, consciousness sheds or is cleansed of ignorance 

and returns to Its original Pure State.  In due course You, 

who are beyond space and time, and are never not here, are 

experienced as the Self, the Supreme Witness of all witnessing.

As a result of praising and thanking You, we are fast sobering 

up and returning to our original upright, dispassionate

 consciousness. Our intelligence is returning to its keener

 and sharper state, and we are returning to ever greater states 

of Peace.

You surpass all others in excellence. Thank You for 

awakening us and enlightening our discernment.  Above all, 

thank You for showing us how to praise and thank You 


You are the Source of thought, the One at the source of all 

being. You are all the resources we will ever need, to do 

whatever we need to do.  Our goal is to return to 

consciousness with You.

Moreover, our mind is clearer, faster, and we are returning to 

better health on all levels as we concentrate on You.  As a 

consequence of this purifying activity of remembering 

You, an ever greater loving, kind, and forgiving attitude

 for all Sentient Beings is our experience. 

You are our Supreme, Divine, Spiritual Being, the most 

courteous One, the Source of all joy, and the 

center-less center point of everywhere and everything.  All we 

think, feel, will, say, and do, all occurs within the 

Changelessness of You.