Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise And Thanksgiving 4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You  Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You  Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.

You, The Supreme Divinity within all, are the Source of the 

Peace and Tranquility that we, in our ignorance, were seeking 

outside of own consciousness. Thank You for revealing to us 

the way back to You by the spiritual practice of  always 

thinking of You.

Supreme Reality, are at hand, in this present moment.  We 

think of It as You. You are in and beyond the Stillness as the 

Witness.  We think of You as in and beyond the "Sound" of 

Silence, as the Witness of the "Sound" of Silence.

 Always thinking of You, our consciousness is purified, we 

awaken from our ignorance, become more enlightened, and 

return to union with You.  These humble efforts to praise 

You, and You alone, help us in our spiritual practice of 

always thinking of You.

You are beyond glamorous, and glorious. Mere words can 

only make a feeble attempt to point out Your Super 

Excellence.  Thank You for revealing to us our ancient 

spiritual system which teaches us to take what we have and 

utilize it for Your service.

The trillions of cells that make up the individual human body 

and all other bodies are infused and surpassed by You.  You 

are more subtle than the subtlest, bigger than the biggest, 

and beyond, at the same time. Of the great, You are definitely 

the Greatest.

This spiritual practice of praising and thanking You gets us 

out of Your illusory energy and keeps us on the straight path, 

the right path, to return and remain with You. Further, 

thank You for teaching us how to love ourselves by loving 

You, the Source of our self, first. 

Thank You for showing us that our character can be cleansed 

and we can rise to our ever higher, better, and Divine potential

by always thinking of You.  We are making these humble 

efforts to thank and praise You alone.  This is a major part of 

 our spiritual purification practice.

As our Pineal Gland is decalcified and comes back to full 

life, we realize the fact that what some call hell, we know to 

be Your illusory energy Maya.  Moreover, we see what to 

continue to do, or stop doing, so as to stay out of Maya and 

continue to come back home to You.

Your serenity is infinite, your righteousness has no 

discrimination.  Your Love is boundless and all embracing. 

Completely generous One, thank You for Your ceaseless 

mercy upon us.
You are beyond void and fullness, subject and object, space 

and spacelessness. Thank You for revealing to us this ancient,

well-worn, path of devotional service to you by calling out 

 Your Your Holy Name.  It frees us from the fetters of 

material existence.

 Armed with this knowledge and experience of self and 

Supreme Self, we take control of our minds, and lives, as 

we separate from Maya. Gradually, we enter Your Eternal, 

Spiritual Kingdom.  

Although for the most part, we are out of Maya 

and in Your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom, we continue

remembering You. This spiritual practice continues cleaning 

our consciousness, rebuilding ourselves into Your spiritual 

likeness again.

 Day by day,  the more we think of You, we are returning to 

our original clean, compassionate, intelligent, and content 

state of consciousness.  Moreover, we are returning to our 

original state of Pure Awareness. Thank You for Your 

Righteous Guidance.  

We think of You as the Source of all goodness, power, 

greatness, glory, and majesty. May we be evermore clean, 

still and quiet.  Living in this way we will  avail ourselves

to Your Supreme, Wise, and Divine Leadership.

Within and beyond time and space, changeless amidst 

constant change, You are the One in the many which the 

many altogether can never contain.  Thank You for our 

ability to catch a glimpse of You in sentient beings.

You are the Source of  our consciousness. It is You who are 

The Supreme Awareness, Most Powerful, Infinite witness of 

the coming and going of the Universe.  Thank You for 

teaching us how to shed ignorance and unfold You, our 

Original Divinity.

We think of You as the Causeless cause of all causes.  Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Supreme Reality of all righteousness, Thank 

You for inspiring us and leading us in our constant and 

and determined assent on this path of self remembrance and 


Most Generous, Most Merciful One, Supreme Divinity of all 

the lords of the worlds, thank You for revealing to us this 

most precious knowledge of self and Supreme Self.  Due to 

this knowledge, we are experiencing the Eternal Peace that is 

beyond the brain, the mind, and the blackness of space.