Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise And Thanksgiving 5

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

                                             Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

  All praise to You, The Source  of all Divinity, ancestors and 

all consciousness. Beyond male, female, form, formlessness, 

genders, and all dualities, You are the Supreme Absolute, the 

Supreme Unity within and beyond all the diversity in and 

beyond the universe.               

Thank You for showing us how to remember You in all ways 

by always thinking of You. Thinking of You leads to 

concentrating on You.  From concentrating on You, we 

gradually meditate on You. 

Meditating on You as Silence and the Witness of Silence, 

from the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland,  helps to purify all 

levels of our consciousness and awareness. Gradually, we 

come back to You, Original Pure Consciousness. 

As Divine Reality, You are Supernatural Being.  This is 

the Primeval Energy, The Life activator, The Prana, Ultimate 

Pure Consciousness. Thank You for encouraging us to think 

of You always.  In this way, we develop the will and 

intelligence to organize and turn back to You.

 This spiritual practice of always thinking of You purifies our

 consciousness.  The more this happens we return to our 

original Pure Consciousness and Awareness. Thank You for 

showing us how to remember You in all ways, by always 

 thinking of You.

Due to this purity of consciousness, we are able to respect 

nature and all sentient beings' right to life, liberty, and the 

pursuit of happiness.  All of these elements are but 

 manifestations of but a spark of Your infinite splendor.

We think of You as Bhuva:  The Source of the Power which 

animates these bodies.  You, and You alone, are where we 

really came from;  ancestors and all other theories about 

where we came from are just illusion, Maya.  Always thinking 

of You liberates our consciousness, within which is the 

mind, from the illusory energy, Maya.

 Throughout the cosmic manifestation, You are the 

Foundation of Unity in and beyond all beings.  

Surrendering all to You is helping us to be totally, consciously,

united with each other regardless of our particular 


Moreover, we change our future because surrendering to Yo

is associating with You.  This purifies our consciousness 

which in turn admits ever purer thoughts and remembrance 

of You.  Remembering You is the spiritual practice that helps  

to reestablish us in our true spiritual and cultural identity.

As a result, of ever cleaner consciousness, we are always  

performing our duties more efficiently with ever greater love 

and affection for You. Through love for You we are having

 ever greater respect and real love for all sentient beings.

You, the indivisible, Supreme Absolute, are the Source of the 

energy, intelligence, courage, and creativity coming down 

through the Pineal Gland.  Moreover, You are the Source 

of the light in our consciousness and awareness that allows us

 to see the Blackness and the Invisibility of Space. 

We think of You as our Most Awakened Inner Self.  Our 

Supreme Consciousness and Awareness, You are the Source 

of our self-respect, and You are our Innermost Reality.  While 

walking on the street, we focus on You, and we meditate on 

You as the Silence which encompasses and transcends the 


We think of You as the Totality in which all comes into 

existence, gives off by products, and dissolves back into the 

elements. All are within You, and You are within and beyond 


Following the above further, all can never contain You, our 

Source, our Greatest, our Supreme, Holy Energy.  We think 

of You as our Inner Compass, our Ultimate Guide, the Source 

of all that be.

We think of You as pervading and transcending all atoms and 

vibratory phenomena throughout nature. You are 

Supernatural in all respects.  None can compare with You.

All praise to You, the Most Righteous, Sustainer of the space 

in which the cosmic manifestations have their beginning,

maintenance and annihilation. You are the Source of the 

radiance that illuminates every spark, every atom, every 

vibration of  being.  

Thank You for revealing to us the benefits of  praising You. 

Divinity of all, we are all One in You.  We think of You as the 

Source of all confidence, wisdom, knowledge and right 


We concentrate on You as only One worthy of praise and 

worship. Please accept this humble offering of praise, 

thanksgiving, and worship with all the love and 

affection we have. 

 We meditate on You as the Unmovable Mover.  We think of 

You as the Power and Source of the energy of all.  Thank You 

for directing us to positive sound vibrations that we can use 

to Glorify You.

You are the Source of Truth, the Origin of all power, will and 

grace. Always thinking of You develops our memory, 

knowledge,  skills, intelligence and productivity.  We meditate 

on You abiding quietly as Silence and Its Witness.  We think 

of You as the Supreme Witness of It all.

 Thank You for teaching us how to trust You and have faith 

in You again.  All of our spiritual practice revolves around 

fixing the mind on You, the Supreme Spiritual Energy within 

and beyond consciousness. 

Our primary duty is to mold our lives in such a way as to 

always think  of  You. Thank You, for allowing us the sacred 

privilege of offering this meager service to You, and through 

You, to all sentient beings.  This too, helps us to always think 

of  You.

The material World, Maya, is a place of suffering where 

repeated birth and death are taking place. Always thinking of 

You gets us out of that trap of illusion; simultaneously we 

are resurrected in the bliss of enlightenment. While sitting in 

our chair, we focus on Silence and meditate on You as Silence.

  Thank You for showing us how to serve all sentient beings

through service to You.  By this service we associate with You. 

Through Your association our consciousness and awareness 

are purified.

With purified consciousness and awareness we are

 transformed back into the infinite liberation of conscious 

union union with You.  Thank You for helping us turn 

around, turn away from the illusion and turn back to You.  

We are doing this by always thinking of You.

 We think of You as the Source of  life, light, power, majesty, 
and love.  Throughout the Crystal Blackness of space within 
which the Galaxies come and go is the Most Subtle presence 
of Your Supreme Being. 

The space between the Galaxies and the Galaxies themselves are infinitesimal sparks of  Your Infinite Splendor.  Surely You are the Supreme Intelligence and Witness of all the Cosmic Manifestations.  We meditate on You as this Silence and Its Witness which encompasses and is simultaneously beyond all of this.

Thank You for showing us how to remember You during the 

painful as well as the joyful  moments of life. You alone, 

constant and everlasting, are the only reality.  You  never 

cease existing and never change;  all else is illusion. 

 Maya, the illusory energy, changes.  Its appearance seems 

real, permanent.  However, upon just a cursory examination, 

what to speak of a thorough examination, one can see

immediately that all of Maya is temporary, therefore, an 


Yet, ignorant of our true identity, and trapped in the illusion 

of Maya, we are seemingly trying to live forever in the 

illusion.  Thank You for Your enlightening and righteous 

guidance to liberation from Maya.

Supreme Consciousness which pervades and is  beyond all 

Galaxies, You are the Source of  infinite beauty and 

boundless blessings.  All praise to You.  We meditate on You 

as the Eternal, Omnipresent Silence and Its Everlasting 


Thank You for revealing to us various methods of 

remembering to praise and thank You during all the 

vicissitudes of waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of  


We think of You as the vast Silence and Its Witness. 

Remembering You in this way, we gradually reawaken from 

the illusion of Maya.  Gradually, we return to You and begin 

to enjoy the self within the Eternal Self.  It is here, now, we do 

not have to die to experience It.  In fact, we can never die.  

Death is for the body, not for me, the Soul.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, You transcend

 time, space, all limitations and circumstances. You are the 

only permanence. Of what value is striving for that which  

has no endurance?

All praise to You. Thank You for Your Mercy on us. Thank 

You for helping us remember You. It is in remembering You 

that we find out our true identity and are freed from material 

bondage.  Slowly, we reawakened to ever higher, 

more sublime, beautiful, and righteous levels existence as we 

come back to You.  

You are the One, the eternal Source of unlimited bliss and

knowledge. You, all we need, are within us, and we are within

You, the Heart, The Centerless Center, and The Infinite,

Omnipresent Consciousness which pervades and transcends 


We think of You as the  Sustainer of the space in which the 

Cosmic Manifestations have their beginning, maintenance 

and annihilation.  Other than You, our Supreme Being, 

the Changeless Witness of  all, there is none worthy of 


 It is You who are the Supreme, Omnipotent, Omnipresence.

 Death is a myth. You and You alone are eternally the same

pervading and transcending all Galaxies, all Time and all 

Space.   Thank You for giving us this ability to compose and 

offer these humble praise of  You to You.