Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 6

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.


We thank our good Karma, our Ancestors, and You, for 

awakening our discrimination and guiding us in the 

right way to reach You.  All that we do, with our most sincere 

Praise and and Thanksgiving, we offer to You.  Glorification, 

and Exaltation, through the Sun, Silence, Space, and 

Nothing, we submit wholly to You. 


You are our Supreme Power and our only Redeemer.  The 

internal and external spiritual and material powers are 

pervaded and transcended by You.  You alone can 

grant Lasting Fulfillment and Everlasting Peace.


By surrendering all to You,  being Your true follower, 

gradually transcend desire and desirelessness, seeing and 

experiencing You as One who is within and beyond the many.


Gradually, we transcend the power of  ignorance and 

wicked forces to keep us in the sin and bondage of Maya. Our

deepest gratitude to You for revealing to us how to practically 

remember You.  


It is by remembering You that we are purified.  As we purify 

our consciousness by associating with You, we gradually 

cease making bad Karma.  Remembering You we rise from 

the suffering of Maya to the Eternal bliss of You.


We have longed for You, and sought for You in so many 

ways and applied so means to know and experience Your 

existence.  Thank You for being here.


Now we know that You alone are our Redeemer, our Center 

Point, Our Balance, Our Steadiness, uprightness, and purity 

of consciousness, our Supreme Awareness.


You are the Source of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Peace, 

Security, and Freedom. True spirituality, engendered by 

surrendering to You, gradually blossoms and cleanses the 

Pineal Gland. 


The more the Pineal Gland is cleansed, primarily by

always thinking of You, the consciousness is purified and 

raised.  Thank You for showing us that no matter how high  

our consciousness has been raised, and by whom or what, it 

can be raised more by continuing to fix our mind on You.


Spiritual food is food from the earth, water, and air that 

decalcifies the Pineal Gland.  It is however, thoughts of You 

that draw us ever nearer to You that that is the most 

important food.  


Always  thinking of You is the way we are decalcifying our 

Pineal Gland, cleansing our consciousness and bringing us 

back into conscious awareness of You again as Supreme 

Loving Awareness.


Surely, raw, organic green foods, and abandoning 

various kinds of contaminated food, water, and air

 helps to decalcify the Pineal Glland.  However, we

 we must fix our mind on You, the Supreme Awareness of the 

present, past, and future.


 As the Pineal Gland is purified, so is consciousness.  Thus the 

ego, the "I am this body; I am this mind; I am this intellect," 

is purged from our consciousness.  Simultaneously, our 

Original, Eternal Awareness of  all consciousness and 

Infinite Awareness Itself is revealed to our consciousness.


Comprehension and experience of the Bliss of You 

is instigated, motivated, and  elevated by always thinking of  

You.  Verily, always thinking of  You is the primary power 

behind our personal and most positive self-development and 

sober productivity.


Our offerings to You is associating with You.   Associating 

with You, the Most Pure, purifies our consciousness of 

wickedness. As this happens, we cease committing wicked 

deeds, making bad Karma, and life has ore meaning, feeling, 

and purpose. We are gradually freed from Maya's fears and 

addictions.  Slowly we reawaken to the Eternal Ecstasy

 of Your Divine, Tranquil, Bliss Filled Omnipresence.  


This true love gives us inner joy and contentment and takes 

away our pain and resentment.  It  asks nothing in return 

nor expects anything in  return, yet makes justice a reality for 

all.  In the Sanskrit language, this  type of  love, true love, 

which is revealed like the Sun when the clouds disperse is 

called Prana.  


There is no thing, that can omit You.  You are everywhere, all 

the time and beyond.  To be clearer, the very clearest:  

Without You even nothing cannot exist.  Truly, You are the 

beginning, the middle, the end, and evermore.  Except for 

You, there is only You.  Even after Nothing, there is You.  You 

are before and after Nothing;  the Reason it exists, is You.  

Thank You for accepting our humble  attempts of praising