Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum bha.  Namo Namaha.


We think of You as the Eternal Unity which keeps all 

together.   Within and beyond all diversity, You are the 

Subject of all objects, and the fountainhead of all intelligence 

and thought.  Others have their origin in You, the Most 

Subtle quintessence of all. 


Thank You for reminding us that we are not the illusory 

material body, mind, intellect, nor ego.  Furthermore, thank 

You for teaching us how to fix our mind on You.  This way, 

we go beyond those illusions back to the Unchanging Reality

of the Self.  


Illusions are reflections of You.  Their light is also illusion.  It 

does not last, does not exist.  When the body, mind, intellect 

goes, so does their so-called light.  It does not exist. Therefore, 

it is illusionary. 


We think of You as Boundless freedom and Endless Peace,

 the Supreme Healer.  Clearly, You are the Greatest Divinity,

 the All Attractive, Most Beautiful, and and Everlasting Love. 


Thank You for healing us of the ignorance of the 

illusory disease, thinking the self is body, mind, intellect, or 

ego.  We think of You as Pure Energy, the Source of stability, 

sanity, order, respect, and safety.  Ignorance is the opposite. 


Thank You for showing us how to free our ego, intellect, 

mind, and body from the slavery of Maya, and to be our 

Self.  This Self is the Eternal, Bliss filled Source of Infinite 

Security, Love, Freedom, Justice and Peace.


Ignorance makes us think that the body is the self.  So we try 

to gain freedom through the senses, thinking there is nothing 

else.  The more we think of You, ignorance flees, and we 

return to our original spiritual health, free from the suffering 

of illusion, Maya.


The self is in quality one with You.  We think of You as 

the Source of Complete Sanity.  You are Supreme in every 

way.  The Most Righteous Force, within and beyond 

race,  gender, nationality, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity, culture, 

caste, color, age, or species of life, is You. 


Thank You for showing us how to reach our greatest 

spiritual connection, our true Self, by seeing the self as within 

and beyond awareness and tranquility.  Always thinking of 

You purifies our consciousness and brings us back to You,  

beyond nothing, something, and everything.


 Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to compose, 

paraphrase, quote, and submit these humble songs of praise 

and thanksgiving to You.  They are written only for You, our 

Supreme Being.


We think of You as the Source of all vibration.  Harmony 

with You brings us back to our original civilization.  The 

system of living which raises the inhabitants from demonism, 

to barbarism, to humanity, to Divinity, we call civilization.


According to our research in World Spirituality, all  things 

have their origin, maintenance, and dissolution inside of Your

Causeless Reality.  We think that our roots, material 

and spiritual, begin, persist, and end in You.


We think of You as living within all, yet surpassing 

everything, nothing, and the speed of thought.  You are the 

Greatest Unity, the only Force more powerful than Maya.  

 The Source of Thought Free and Supreme Silence is You.  


We think of You as More Subtle than space, present 

everywhere. Thank You for teaching us how to really love all 

by purifying our consciousness and bringing forth our 

eternal love for You, the Source of all.  


You are our Supreme Witness, and the Ultimate Know-It-All.

 You are our Supreme Leader in all affairs, and our Most 

Knowledgeable  Guide in and out of birth, disease, old age, 

death, and other sufferings of Maya. 


The Source of energy, other vibration and stillness, 

throughout the universe, is You.  Our prayer, study, bloodless 

sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation are all 

directed to You alone.  We offer You everything with devotion 

and love.


We think of You as the Source of Endless Love. This return to 

our love for You is the way we can awaken, rise, clean up, and 

be free from the ignorance of tribalism, racialism, classism, 

and all other petty, divisive, bodily designations.  


We are truly grateful for Your Divine Intervention into our 

miserable affairs.  You are showing us how to clean our 

consciousness of Demon tendencies, straighten our warped 

disposition, stop making bad Karma, and rescue ourselves 

from Maya.


We think of You as within and beyond cause, effect, and even 

within and beyond the transcendental.  By always thinking of 

You our Pineal  Gland is decalcified, our vision becomes 

unclouded, and our dormant love for You shines forth. 


We all are awareness looking out through the body as 

consciousness.  You are Supreme Awareness, the Source, of 

our past, present, and future.  All of us, no matter the species 

of life in the universe, are one in You.  In the final analysis, 

there is only You; no observation, no observing, no observed.


Rewards and punishments are meted out by our own Karma.

  According to our research, observation, experience, and

 knowledge, this is Your Justice in the universe from which 

we cannot hide, escape, refuse, nor bribe, Karma.


You are our common Source.  Undoubtedly, with Your Love 

leading us, and application of this knowledge of Self, we gain 

our true freedom from Maya, and reestablishment in the 

Tranquil Bliss of the Self.  


History, knowledge, observation , and experience can bear 

witness:  No matter how much knowledge, strength, fame, 

beauty, wealth, renunciation or beauty we  may have, other 

than Your shelter and guidance, there is no liberation from 



We submit:  The beginning of consciously receiving Your 

shelter and guidance is to always think of  You.  Material 

worlds come and go, but You, the Eternal, Supreme Absolute 

are always here,  and You are always the Same.


Real Freedom is freedom from the ignorance of identifying 

the self with a material designation.  As a result of that 

ignorance,  we remain entrapped in the exploitation, 

colonization, oppression, tyranny, fear and Maya's other 



Thank You for helping us know how to always think of 

You, recognize, be, and be aware of the Infinite Beauty of 

 Your Silence within us.  We think of You as the Supreme 

Awareness of Silence.


Following the above  further, You are our Ever-Present 

Counselor who shows us how to navigate through Maya, 

stay out of  it, and proceed straight on the pathless path to  

You, Total Liberation, in this moment.