Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association   1

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.


Association with You through our spiritual practice of Praise and Thanksgiving is 

engendering greater Devotion to You and increasing our compassion for other living 

beings. This is Your Force of Purity that is carrying us onwards, upwards, and 

inwards to a more cultivated, refined, and fulfilling life.


Associating with You, the Most Virtuous and Pure, helps us in our efforts to always think 

of  You.  This purifies our consciousness while it helps us to remember  You.  Through our 

spiritual practice of fixing our consciousness on You,  we keep those negative, 

irrational, insatiable sense permeated thoughts out of our consciousness.  Additionally, our 

consciousness is purified and strengthen by Your association and we are enlightened to see 

Your reality  pervading and transcending all.


By associating with You, our awareness is purified and we become what we were before 

the illusory fall into the temporary material world.  By associating with You, our awareness 

is  purified and we become what we were before the fall into the illusory  world:  Eternal, 

Pure, Undifferentiated, bliss full,  Awareness, free from vengeance, and any kind of 

bitterness toward any sentient being. 


It is association with You through remembrance that is drawing us ever consciously 

closer together.  We associate with You through prayer, study, sacrifice, service, 

right association, and meditation that are centered in You.


 Our thoughts, willing, feelings, and doings are cleansed and purified by Your 

association. Yes, we certainly cultivate immaculate character by surrendering 

all to You.  This is our purifying process, our method of associating with You 

and eventually consciously reuniting with You, our Supreme Being.


We think of You as our Supreme Being at the base of all purpose and order.  By seeing the 

self as spirit or awareness, and always thinking of You we are attaining ever greater unity 

and peace within ourselves. 


 Furthermore, by seeing the self as spirit or awareness and always thinking of You, we 

are gaining greater love and understanding for others, and an ever greater unity with 

Your purpose and order.


 A life of service to You, centered in You, is a life in association with You.  Through 

association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness and awareness are purified.  


We think of You as One without a second, closer than the air our body breathes. You are 

our Immortal Supreme Being, within and beyond our current consciousness and awareness.


The more our consciousness is purified due to Your association, the more we can live a 

simple life of compassion for all sentient beings.  We think of You as the Supreme Pure, 

Immovable Energy that moves all.


We think of You as All Pervading Transcendental Awareness. Thank You for showing us 

how to increase our thinking of You.  This practice is cleaning our consciousness of 

illusion, madness, and envy and reestablishing us in our original awareness state of 

sanity, clarity, charity, and bliss.  


The beginning of purification for the experience of Omnipresent Divinity can start with 

three steps: (1) Seeing he self as spirit/consciousness/awareness, (2) Serving You:  

Submitting all to You, with love and devotion, all we think, feel, will, say, and do, and (3) 

constantly, mentally and physically,  calling out Your Holy Names. 


 Through our spiritual practice, of  fixing our consciousness on You, we keep those negative,

 irrational, insatiable sense consciousness  permeated thoughts out of  our consciousness.  

Additionally, our consciousness is purified and strengthen by Your association.  Slowly, we 

reawaken to our original still  and quiet state.  As this happens, we can meditate on You as 

Silence and the Awareness of all.  We are gradually enlightened and can see Your reality

                                                     pervading and transcending all.


We think of You as the Supreme Source of all purity, strength, compassion, self-refinement, 

and grace.  Your Loving Presence is within and beyond form and formlessness.  Thank You 

for showing us a way to get our consciousness out of the internal and external delusions 

and back into harmony with You.  


Another way of raising lower consciousness out of illusion is by meditating on the "Sound" 

of  Your Silence which  pervades and transcends all sound.  Meditating on You in this 

way is a time tested method of regaining self-sufficiency and eventual reunion with You.


These spiritual practices offered as Our Word help to resuscitate our lower consciousness 

from its spiritual comatose state.  As this happens we gradually awaken to our original, 

now more or less dormant, spirituality.


Our dedication to serving You, through our work is another one of our spiritual practices.  

It is our method obeing a true servant and blessing to all sentient beings as well as 

consciously yoking our consciousness with You, the Greatest Nobility.  


 We think of You as the freedom that knows no bounds, the Source of  Eternal, Infinite, 

Peace.  Surrendering to You is the Submission at the center of the spiritual resuscitation 

and the resurrection of our lower consciousness from its inebriated, inelegant, existence.


Young plants are given various means of protection for surviving and thriving by Your 

laws of material nature.  Our spiritual development is protected, survives, and thrives by

identifying as Awareness and remembering You.


Other steps in this spiritual purification process are hearing, chanting, and remembering 

Your Holy Names, even as we submit everything to You. 


We think of You as the Supreme Order which pervades, encloses and transcends all chaos. 

Our Omnipresent One, to whom all is offered, is You.  Constantly remembering You is 

enabling us to evermore thrive in Your Tranquil, Loving, Omnipresence.


Actually, our consciousness is cleansed by Your association and we return to You, 

our original, Pure and Powerful, State of  Supreme Being.  We think of You as the 

One Most Powerful Spiritual Force within and beyond the universe.