Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 13

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.   Aum Ra.   Namo Namaha.


Before we started using our service to You to think of You 

constantly, we languished in the mistaken belief that the Self 

was a body, a mind, an intellect, or an ego.  How ignorant we 

were.  As a consequence of this spiritual practice 

of remembering You, we now know better.


  Now, we write in praise and thanksgiving of You mainly for 

our purification, although it is still service to You.  Service to 

You is association with You.  Association with You is our 

purification process.  Of course, the more our consciousness 

is purified, the more we are in conscious union with You.


  Thank You for teaching us how to always think of You, and 

how to speak about You as Supreme Awareness looking out 

through everybody.  Gradually, we are seeing our Self 

as awareness looking out through this body. 


 Thank You for showing us how to repent.  We sincerely 

repent for all the foolishness we engaged in when we were 

in the slavery of Maya.  Always thinking of You is cleaning us 

up and showing us how to transcend ignorance and stay out 

of Maya.


 Thank You for redeeming us from the enslavement of our 

root enemy, ignorance of  Self.  It is that enemy that causes us 

to fall into the slavery of lust, anger, and greed, and forget 

You. Thank You for showing us, evermore, how to clean our 

consciousness by remembering You.  Thank You for showing 

us how to remember You.


We think of You as the Source from which all natural laws 

emanate.  The beginning, middle, and the end are all 

happening within You.  Verily, You are the Absolute, within 

and beyond all three. Simultaneously, You pervade and 

transcend all natural laws.  


We think of You as spread through and going beyond the 

range of darkness and light, wrong and right; forms and 

formless are spread through by You.  


Thank You for teaching us how to use righteous, nonviolent, 

service to You as a means to fix our mind on You;  doing this, 

freeds us from the sin, and suffering, of Maya, which includes 

the worst kinds of slavery.  It is all Maya.


We think of You as One, the Greatest Spiritual Master, and 

the One of Limitless Power, the Source of Godhead and all Its 

personalities, Supreme or otherwise.  Thank You for teaching 

us how to get up by following Your request that we always 

think of  You. 


Socially and culturally our life is showing great improvement 

the more we have been fixing our consciousness on You, the 

Greatest Purifier.  Thank You for allowing us the ability to 

write these humble words in praise and thanksgiving 

to You. 


 Gradually, by following Your order that we always think of 

You, we are seeing how to use the facilities we have been 

provided, by You, in greater service to You.  This is the secret 

to all success we are having in this endeavor to get up by 

bringing our consciousness back into consciousness with You.


May some infinitesimal sparks of the measureless

splendor of Your wisdom and generosity shine through these 

humble words.  May they benefit all.  You alone 

are worthy of our absolute  adoration.


The more we associate with You through service to You, the 

more we return to external and internal Quietness and 

Stillness.  Quietness is observing and experiencing the 

tranquil beauty of Silence.  Stillness is Awareness Observing 

Awareness, Absolutely.


Thank You for requesting us to always think of You and 

become Your devotee.  Since applying your request, our life 

has become more light filled and easier, more creative and 

productive.  Thank You for Your edifying advice.  Most of all, 

thank You for requesting us to always think of You.


You are our Supreme Power, the goal of knowledge of Self. 

 You are the Source of our folkways  traditions, norms, 

standards, and behavior.  When we are in remembrance of 

You, we can avoid entrapment,  overcome and further avoid 

entrapment and enslavement to Maya, Your illusory 



 We think of You as the Source from which all natural laws 

emanate.  Simultaneously, You permeate and are beyond 

Nature and all Its laws. We think of You as the Supreme 

Divinity of Nature.  No law nor deity is superior to You.  You 

are One.  There is no other.