Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


  Thinking of You  8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We think of You as the Source of Supreme Truth and 

Justice.  You are unborn, undying, eternal, changeless spirit, 

the source of all centers, inner and outer space.  

Thank You for helping us to be conscious of You, 

here with us and for us, in this present moment. Here we 

beginning to experience how meaningful and beautiful life 

can be living in Your loving presence.  

We think of You as the infinite basis of Truth, Righteousness, 

Love and Peace.  Moreover, we see You as Eternal, Pure 

Intelligence,  the ground of Being underlying, pervading and 

transcending everything.  

Thank You for showing us a formula for individual and 

collective unity.  This formula is centered on always thinking 

of You.  We think of You and meditate on You as the Supreme 

Witness, unmoved and unmovable by the beginning, middle, 

and end of the Cosmic Manifestations.

You, The Supreme Pure and never polluted, are the Source of 

all grace and mercy.  Radiating out through the Pineal Gland, 

You pervade and transcend all.  Moreover, You are always 

available to us.  

We think of You, as the Source of Supreme Unity, the Most 

Attractive Force within and beyond the Cosmic opposites of matter 

or spirit, wet or dry, light or dark;  up or down, male, female, birth, 

death, or any other definitions or dualities.  Assuredly, You are the

 Imperturbable, Immutable, Supreme Absolute, within, encompassing,

 and Beyond all.

Thank You for teaching us that the best things we can do for ourselves 

is to  know  ourselves  as pure spirit, free from all designations; to offer all 

to You, have faith in ourselves as Your part and partials, to think critically 

for ourselves and to always think of You, critically.

We think of You as the Most Clean, Resplendent and Attractive in all ways, means, and 

fashions.  We believe that all knowledge, knowers,  knowing, and known, arise, develop,

 and demise in You.  You are our Supreme Being, One without a second, within and 

beyond impersonal, personal, and all personalities. 

By learning to love You through praising and thanking You 

we are empowered to constantly remember You, our 

consciousness is cleansed, and we increasingly exhibit loving 

kindness toward all sentient beings.

 Praise and thanksgiving are tools we use to help us 

render transcendental loving service to You. This spiritual 

practice helps us remember You, and who we are, in Spirit, in 

Truth, and in Love.

The more we render loving service to You through constant 

praise and thanksgiving, we are engaged in surrendering to 

You, and You alone.  In this way, we liberate and resurrect 

our consciousness in Infinite Freedom and Peace

Thank You for teaching us how to return to our culture, 

study our history and our spirituality.  Thank You for 

teaching us the benefits for thanking and praising You. 

Praising and thanking You evermore, our consciousness is 

purified and we can look within ourselves and 

experience who we are, and from where, in this present 

moment, we have come. Thus we are ever more empowered 

to draw upon You, our Supreme Self, for solutions to our